Friday, March 16, 2007

Why is crap going wrong

I can't stand it, my dial up that is. ATT sure is putting the squeeze on other internet services then theirs. I can get hooked up but it just sits there. What sucks is there's no other DSL service that people can get besides ATT here. They said competition and free market is good but that only means monopoly, high prices and low quality. The rest of the world is light years ahead of us. Gates was in Washington a week or so ago telling congress we are getting to dumb and won't be able to design our way out of a paper bags.
Senator Dodd who is running for president doesn't want to control black market money since he's gets a lot of funds from the banking industry. Bush said follow the money to get the terrorist but there's a road block by the banking industry keeping black market money changing hands. You might think it's only a third world problem but there's more black market money changing hands in the United States then any other country. We're getting around $500 billion dollars coming in from China alone.
Why hasn't Bin Laden been captured? The great Bush and his Neocon buddies want to keep the war machine going making money of this war you can't see but spending your money with no strings or oversight attached. The problem with having an "Ideologue" as president verses a good administrator like Bill Clinton is the ideologue make decisions without thinking he could be wrong or see the outcome of his dissensions. Going to war with Iraq to get oil for Bush and Chaney's oil buddies might have sounded good at some drunk dinner party but when you sober up you not suppose to follow through with drunk talk.
Voting against gay marriage will not make the country safer, it didn't catch Bin Laden, it will not stop terrorist. What is in the heads of those people? What is wrong with them? Have they been dropped on their heads one to many times? Was it those above ground tests back in the 50's then effected their brains?
ATT after taking over Bell South says it will keep the internet neutral for two years. That was the deal the FCC made with ATT. The FCC under leadership of Powell let the mergers of several media giants. Now if you turn your TV, radio on you don't get news but cutesy stores about Anna Nicole when there's a war going on. Keep the people uniformed and you can keep control of the masses. Even on the internet there is religious groups putting up web pages saying it's science but it's theology. It's not just religious groups but republican groups making the case that global warming is a good thing.
You can't learn science with a book of myths. I knew someone that wanted to learn computer programming so he was reading the bible. There's nothing wrong with theology as long as you don't let it fog the facts.

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