Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bush takes republicans on a road of self-destruction

Bush takes republicans on a road of self-destruction. By hold out and not letting Rove and Myers to testify, they leave attacks open by the demarcates in the 2008 presidential election. What's going to happen is that the republicans are a bunch of liars and can't be trusted because they fix court cases in favor of the presidents and republicans friends. By hiding behind the presidential office and not let people testify in the federal prosecutors firing inquiries it will support the ideas that the demarcates will bring out the Bush lied to everyone following the advice of Karl Rove.


If you think the 2006 election was a big deal the 2008 election will be a landslide because the republicans who support Bush will be impaled. Who is going to trust any republican that keep supporting the war that Bush tried to tie to the war on terror. Iraq according to Dr. Rice was contained until a day after Baghdad fell. No ones going to support a war that's going to go one for the next two decades, not at this price tag of $3 billion a week not when people want security of jobs and health care.


Everything Bush has done over the past six years has turned into a can of worms. While supporting war profiteers and out sourcing the military to companies like Blackwater who are held to no oversight, Rumsfeld's lighter nimbler military is now a pipe dream. You can't build up the military by cutting taxes to the rich and cutting services to the poor. Bush won't stop until he pisses off everyone in the world including everyone in the United States. What Bush doesn't get is you can't force people to do thing. He should understand this, like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

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