Friday, March 09, 2007

Price of Oil

Now I heard everything, the oil companies are blaming a raccoon for knocking out two refineries in Los Angeles. That must have been taken from an old school excuse, "the dog ate my home work."
Bush is in South America making a some sort of deal to bring in sugarcane made alcohol. He doesn't care to help the American people though because there's a import tax of $.50 cents per gallon. Meanwhile the price of feed corn is almost doubled in the last six month which will mean high meat prices.
Can't Bush do something good for the country and not for only his friends. He's fighting the airport screeners from unionizing. That was the first law Bush insisted on for Iraq after the invasion.
If the American people would get behind the war in that they would put up with all the crap until we get oil companies drilling and removing oil the price of oil and gas would go down.
Remember Bush doesn't mind sending people to there death. He sent a lot of people in jail to there death but clams to value life but won't watch any executions. Seems like it should be a law that if you are sending some one to there death you must watch it if you claim to be a right to life person. Sounds like a flip-flopper to me.

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