Thursday, March 29, 2007

Laws, We don't need no stinking laws

"We will never follow the laws unless it's to are advantage. If there isn't a law, we will make one. We only go after democrats and never find republicans doing wrong or if they are we won't charge them."

"Torture, we don't torture but we just talk real loud to prisoners."

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bush to vote to stop the war.

Bush is threading to veto funding for the war saying this war has to much pork, Halliburton and Bechtel. He said today there will be no compromise. So it looks like the troops will be coming home sooner then what the demarcates date of next year. This would be great for the suffering economy where they can fund no child left behind, the VA and other social programs the Bush has been trimming to pay for this war so far. I guess this might anger the defense contractor and oil companies who thought of this as their cash cow. They will have to work for a living now, no more free lunches.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to stop inflation

How to stop inflation. Seems one of the biggest contributors to inflation is insurance companies. In a way it's like having your own ATM machine and print money never loosing as a business. If you take a hit like after Katrina, you just raise your rates. That's what they did after Andrew. When they made bad investments in energy futures they raised the rates. Some insurance are being looked into here in California for terminating people policies after they get sick. That amazes me they will insure you as long as you don't get sick. It's "Give us you money and we will protect you as long as your healthy." What kind of deal is that? Sounds like "Life Insurance" which in itself is an oxymoron in terms. It should be called death insurance because you pay into it and collect when your dead. What really gets me is the insurance companies pushing to make it a state law that you have to buy insurance. What a deal! You don't have a choose and they can charge any price they want after that because you have to have it or what, go to jail or be fined because you don't. Health insurance is going up faster then inflation rates. Doctors have to have insurance to protect them and there it's another program of printing your own pay checks. You need a new boat or summer home, then raise the rates. Cars getting old and the ash tray is full, time to raise the rates to get the next year model.

To curb the health care problem a single payer system needs to be made excluding the insurance companies. Other countries have done it and done it rather well. The only people that will disagree are the insurance companies like they did several elections ago with their scare tactics.

Other parasites of society

I just listened to a show about credit card. Very interesting! Seem like the mafia moved into legal businesses like credit cards and set up their loan sharking business. Seems it doesn't mater what the rate they promise you going to pay a higher rate. They also do tricks like just put a charge on your bill in hopes you miss it. The woman talking was a law professor at Harvard. She said she would have her class take a letter offering a credit card that pays you some percentage back each year. Her question to the class was to fine out the rate of interest you need to pay to get cash back. Turns out he low interest card wasn't, you had to pay 17% on the card to get 3% back which makes it a 14% card. She went into the other ways card companies get you like sending you payments to a small town on the opposite coast from you so it takes longer for the mail and they can get you with a late fee. She said the card companies even shred payments so they can say they never got the payment and charge you a late fee. One example she gave was parents buy new baby all the junk for the new kid and the total charge was $5000 dollars. If you make minimum payments on that it would take 35 years to pay it off, never charging anything else on the card. Talk about parasites worse then tapeworms.

Cut up those cards. They can take you to the cleaners if you don't have a card.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where does the buck stop?

For the past 200 years congress has tried to get the "Department of Peace" established but it has been voted down.

Yesterdays blog in the morning after hearing the "Morning News" on NPR after hearing that Congress added a few conditions to Bush's money wants. (The blank check) I wrote the previous post.

Last night I listened to a lecture from a former CIA employee. A rather smart person and former "cold warier" as he said. He answered a lot but not all my questions about how much money goes to the "Military Industrial Complex." He says that every year they budget "$3/4 Trillion Dollars" and that's not to say how much is spent for the "Black Projects" which aren't seen by Congress or any over sight, which he clams is about 40% more then the $750,000,000,000.00 dollars.

The VA, Social Security, Social Services, "No Child Left Behind" are not part of the military bills but seem to be cut to pay for the military industrial complex. Bush has a pet project he's been pushing, The Missile Defense Project" which still doesn't work and will cost some where around $1,000,000,000,000.00 dollars and still won't work but it sounds good and suppose to scar other countries from trying to shoot any missiles at the United States. Sort of like the "Star Wars Project" from the Regan years where nothing worked, it was just talk.

Some of that extra money attached to the "supplemental funding bill" is to go to the Katrina victims which Bush dropped the ball on. So far only 4000 people have got any money to rebuild their homes. Meanwhile the situation in the South is getting worse. Contractors brought in illegal Mexicans to work and they seem to forget they needed to go back home after the work was done. Many of them are gang members and help in the body count in the cases of murder. One group is an international drug smuggling gang that they brought here to work and now they have a foot hold in the Southern States

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bush takes republicans on a road of self-destruction

Bush takes republicans on a road of self-destruction. By hold out and not letting Rove and Myers to testify, they leave attacks open by the demarcates in the 2008 presidential election. What's going to happen is that the republicans are a bunch of liars and can't be trusted because they fix court cases in favor of the presidents and republicans friends. By hiding behind the presidential office and not let people testify in the federal prosecutors firing inquiries it will support the ideas that the demarcates will bring out the Bush lied to everyone following the advice of Karl Rove.


If you think the 2006 election was a big deal the 2008 election will be a landslide because the republicans who support Bush will be impaled. Who is going to trust any republican that keep supporting the war that Bush tried to tie to the war on terror. Iraq according to Dr. Rice was contained until a day after Baghdad fell. No ones going to support a war that's going to go one for the next two decades, not at this price tag of $3 billion a week not when people want security of jobs and health care.


Everything Bush has done over the past six years has turned into a can of worms. While supporting war profiteers and out sourcing the military to companies like Blackwater who are held to no oversight, Rumsfeld's lighter nimbler military is now a pipe dream. You can't build up the military by cutting taxes to the rich and cutting services to the poor. Bush won't stop until he pisses off everyone in the world including everyone in the United States. What Bush doesn't get is you can't force people to do thing. He should understand this, like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Why is crap going wrong

I can't stand it, my dial up that is. ATT sure is putting the squeeze on other internet services then theirs. I can get hooked up but it just sits there. What sucks is there's no other DSL service that people can get besides ATT here. They said competition and free market is good but that only means monopoly, high prices and low quality. The rest of the world is light years ahead of us. Gates was in Washington a week or so ago telling congress we are getting to dumb and won't be able to design our way out of a paper bags.
Senator Dodd who is running for president doesn't want to control black market money since he's gets a lot of funds from the banking industry. Bush said follow the money to get the terrorist but there's a road block by the banking industry keeping black market money changing hands. You might think it's only a third world problem but there's more black market money changing hands in the United States then any other country. We're getting around $500 billion dollars coming in from China alone.
Why hasn't Bin Laden been captured? The great Bush and his Neocon buddies want to keep the war machine going making money of this war you can't see but spending your money with no strings or oversight attached. The problem with having an "Ideologue" as president verses a good administrator like Bill Clinton is the ideologue make decisions without thinking he could be wrong or see the outcome of his dissensions. Going to war with Iraq to get oil for Bush and Chaney's oil buddies might have sounded good at some drunk dinner party but when you sober up you not suppose to follow through with drunk talk.
Voting against gay marriage will not make the country safer, it didn't catch Bin Laden, it will not stop terrorist. What is in the heads of those people? What is wrong with them? Have they been dropped on their heads one to many times? Was it those above ground tests back in the 50's then effected their brains?
ATT after taking over Bell South says it will keep the internet neutral for two years. That was the deal the FCC made with ATT. The FCC under leadership of Powell let the mergers of several media giants. Now if you turn your TV, radio on you don't get news but cutesy stores about Anna Nicole when there's a war going on. Keep the people uniformed and you can keep control of the masses. Even on the internet there is religious groups putting up web pages saying it's science but it's theology. It's not just religious groups but republican groups making the case that global warming is a good thing.
You can't learn science with a book of myths. I knew someone that wanted to learn computer programming so he was reading the bible. There's nothing wrong with theology as long as you don't let it fog the facts.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Look out I'm coming in

Mmmmm Flowers. Bee flying to pollinate plum blossom.

Today is one of the those days, warm, air slowly moving, suns out and the only thing you hear is bees flying from blossom to blossom. It's so nice to live in paradise. It looks like it's going to be a good year for fruit. Last year the storms came when the plants started putting out blossoms. This knocked them off the trees and there wasn't much fruit at all. Last year it was snowing this time of year. Todays high was 78 degrees. I was warm with a long sleeve tee shirt on. Last year I was wearing three of everything to stay warm.

How about a few extra billion, we can cut it from the VA's budget

Bush is asking for another 4,700 troops and 3 billion dollars. He also wants all the money to be unaccountable with no strings attached. That's like telling someone here's my ATM card and here's the password, don't spent too much, it doesn't matter because I won't be checking to see how much you spend.
Halliburton is moving for better tax breaks. I hope someone will point out since they are no longer an American Country that they can't get government contracts, security risk, there in an Arab country where the terrorist are. Chaney being the biggest one pushing all these anti-terrorist programs has to see the risk, but he's still on the payroll. Maybe that makes him a security risk or have a conflict of interest.
In fifty years will Bush be remember as the president that ran the country into the ground? That he started a war to help his oil buddies out? That he lied to the American people. What will be Bush's legacy? The president that cut the VA's budget five years in a row always saying we have to support the troops. Was that a lie too.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Price of Oil

Now I heard everything, the oil companies are blaming a raccoon for knocking out two refineries in Los Angeles. That must have been taken from an old school excuse, "the dog ate my home work."
Bush is in South America making a some sort of deal to bring in sugarcane made alcohol. He doesn't care to help the American people though because there's a import tax of $.50 cents per gallon. Meanwhile the price of feed corn is almost doubled in the last six month which will mean high meat prices.
Can't Bush do something good for the country and not for only his friends. He's fighting the airport screeners from unionizing. That was the first law Bush insisted on for Iraq after the invasion.
If the American people would get behind the war in that they would put up with all the crap until we get oil companies drilling and removing oil the price of oil and gas would go down.
Remember Bush doesn't mind sending people to there death. He sent a lot of people in jail to there death but clams to value life but won't watch any executions. Seems like it should be a law that if you are sending some one to there death you must watch it if you claim to be a right to life person. Sounds like a flip-flopper to me.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Putnam say the funds can go on to infinite

Congressman Putnam was asked if the funding would go on indefinitely without any goals or conditions, he answered, "Yes, I can't see stopping the suspension of the cash cow machine. It's real good for arms manufactures and give Americans job and stimulates the economy." He also said he would stick by the presidents decision to stay in a war, that change direction would make the president and republicans look bad.
Mean while the right leaning oil companies that supported Chaney's energy program of sucking every last drop of oil from the ground of Iraq are putting the pressure on the American people raising the price of gasoline to get more support for the war.
Republican Senator Bohnener said he would support any withdraw or premature evacuation, stating he took the 36 hour pills and can't pull out now.
United State people pray that Chaney's blood clot moves to his brain, so that Nancy Pelosi could become Vice President.