Monday, September 17, 2007

your going to force people to buy insurance to solve the problem?

Another politician has come up with a way of solving the uninsured, make them buy insurance. Boy won't that make the insurance companies happy. Mean while the other developed countries of the world have solved the problem with the high cost of insurance. They still have insurance that you can buy if you want a private room and stuff if you in a hospital. The government takes care of it's people. Not here, they want the old and broken people to die off. A good example of this is Bush's cuts to the VA. He knew he was going into two wars and that they would need hospitals to help the wounded solders so he cuts the VA. Mean while his buddies like Hallibuton is making billions on the war. Just think about all the equipment that's going to be replaced or the new stuff. That MRAT's contract won't be finished until 2012. Gives you hope on how long the wars going on. Seems politicians are sucking the Dick Chaney's of big business with no regard of the people of this country. Big business has turned to the labor force of China and other third worlds countries where people get paid penny a day. It's not going to be long before China and India pass us in wealth. Then the NeoCons will want to be on top and take on China. It's the same old history repeating itself.

Well that's my rant for the day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Same old, same old

General says stay the course and repeats Bush's build up to the hearings. He has a bad job right now since the White house dumped this war on him. Iraq is a horrible mess. So, the new plan is, stay the course and it might get better. As far as the "Surge" goes it brought a lot of people into Iraq but that's where it stops. He's talking about bring troops home, like it's some sort of great idea he has. Now Bush is claiming he's going to sign off on it, like that a big deal. The guys served there time there and it's time for them to come home anyway. It's normal troop rotation except he's saying that he won't add any more troops to replace them. So, we are going to be at that same place as we were before the "Surge" next year. Since they said troops will have to stay there for 15 month and the last of the "Surge" troops came in last July they are going to be there until next October.

So, all I see is stay the course. Things might get better. Dollars are falling into the money pit and no ones keeping track of where it's going. For the contractors it's a hay day. Halliburton is making a killing since they are Chaney's buddies. I'm sure he's getting a kick-back. After he gets out of office we'll know if he retires to his own private island or country. Mean while Bush is still pushing the Iraqi's to privatize the oil fields so his oil buddies can get in there and rape the lands. It still amazes me that the first law that was pushed on the Iraqi's was they could unionize.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conserve power?

Energy companies are complaining that people are conserving too much power and want to raise rates to make up for the money they are loosing with people conserving energy.

Don't that beat all. Mean while they keep building large houses that use large amounts of energy to light to cool or heat. Solar is for the rich and if our government was on the ball, they would have some sort of way of putting solar on all the poorest peoples houses to help them out. Here in California where the sun shines almost every day it would help all those air conditioners and new homes that need tons of extra energy. The energy companies serving their stock holder want to make as much as they can no matter who they hurt in the process.

Wouldn't it be great is all the houses would have solar cells on there houses. Then you wouldn't have the scare of brown outs.

What gets me is the oil companies and the price of oil. Even thought the west coast doesn't rely on oil from the Caribbean when a hurricane comes around the price of gas goes up on the west coast. That sounds like price fixing which I thought was illegal. I guess that shows you that if you have enough money then you don't have to obey laws.

I'd be in favor of nationalizing the utilities here and giving the people far prices. Now with insurance constantly going up some states are making it mandatory to have health and car insurance. That makes them a monopoly. They don't have to lower the rates because they know you have to buy it and will be fined if you don't. Because it's mandatory then it should be nonprofit. How else could it be fair?

The Night Shift

Well I guess you can't put a picture where you want to on the page.

The gangs all here. Haven't made a post in a while and it seems there's been some changes to the blog site. Found that Firefox doesn't seem to work right any more as far as posting pictures.
There's a red brown tint to the shy here. I'm listening to the fire near San Jose and I guess the smoke is blowing this way, 150 miles to the East.

I woke up today freezing and had to close the doors. It was still dark out and the deer were milling about the yard. The night shift was all gone and had turned in for the day. I really find the wild life here so amazing. I know I've said that before but it is. If you treat them with respect they respond in kind. Found out that the skunks can smell butter on your hands even if you wash them and they really love butter. You could put butter on a rock and they will find a way of eating it.

I haven't seen my baby turkeys in a while but they are hanging out today. They are getting so big almost the size of mom. I think the smell of smoke in the air is making them want to stay here. It's not strong but still you can smell it. At first looking outside I thought it was a fire near here which is rather common but haven't hears and air craft flying around here. Going to check NOAA's web site to see the latest weather pictures to see if the smoke will show up.

If this is good what is bad

President Brownie selling the surge and it's aftermath is pushing the idea that things are just fine. The generals who remind me of a Frank Zappa lyric, "You sniff the buns of angles like it was cocaine."

So Bush thinks it's going great. What would something like a total failure look like. New Orleans still looks like it did after the hurricane or close to it. Right before his going on vacation speech he said that Americans were taking home more money per year not thinking that it was only the top 5% of American that were doing well.

At a boy Brownie will go down in history as the Bush administrations most famous quotes. Bush surrounded himself with yes men and butt sniffer that never tell him things are crap but yes your doing the right thing.

Mean while everyones phone calls and emails are getting read and even your snail mail is getting opened to see what's in side.

I can see why the Iraqi's haven't met the goals the congress set. The oil deal that Bush and Chaney are pushing is to privatize the oil fields. The Iraqi's say no to that and I can see why. It would be counter productive to their country to sell their future. What gets me is Bush and Chaney keep saying it's not about oil.

Chaney still being tied to Hallaburton who still working in Iran to matter what the sanctions are on that country. Even after the hostage taking back in the late 70's Hallaburton's been in Iran. Another country that's been off limits was Libya but how's there all these years, Halliburton. Now that they moved their office to the Gulf it would be wise not to have them working or having contracts with the military since they can't be trusted as being loyal to the United States. I have to question Chaney's loyalty wheather he's loyal to the United States or to Hallaburton.