Monday, September 17, 2007

your going to force people to buy insurance to solve the problem?

Another politician has come up with a way of solving the uninsured, make them buy insurance. Boy won't that make the insurance companies happy. Mean while the other developed countries of the world have solved the problem with the high cost of insurance. They still have insurance that you can buy if you want a private room and stuff if you in a hospital. The government takes care of it's people. Not here, they want the old and broken people to die off. A good example of this is Bush's cuts to the VA. He knew he was going into two wars and that they would need hospitals to help the wounded solders so he cuts the VA. Mean while his buddies like Hallibuton is making billions on the war. Just think about all the equipment that's going to be replaced or the new stuff. That MRAT's contract won't be finished until 2012. Gives you hope on how long the wars going on. Seems politicians are sucking the Dick Chaney's of big business with no regard of the people of this country. Big business has turned to the labor force of China and other third worlds countries where people get paid penny a day. It's not going to be long before China and India pass us in wealth. Then the NeoCons will want to be on top and take on China. It's the same old history repeating itself.

Well that's my rant for the day.

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