Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Same old, same old

General says stay the course and repeats Bush's build up to the hearings. He has a bad job right now since the White house dumped this war on him. Iraq is a horrible mess. So, the new plan is, stay the course and it might get better. As far as the "Surge" goes it brought a lot of people into Iraq but that's where it stops. He's talking about bring troops home, like it's some sort of great idea he has. Now Bush is claiming he's going to sign off on it, like that a big deal. The guys served there time there and it's time for them to come home anyway. It's normal troop rotation except he's saying that he won't add any more troops to replace them. So, we are going to be at that same place as we were before the "Surge" next year. Since they said troops will have to stay there for 15 month and the last of the "Surge" troops came in last July they are going to be there until next October.

So, all I see is stay the course. Things might get better. Dollars are falling into the money pit and no ones keeping track of where it's going. For the contractors it's a hay day. Halliburton is making a killing since they are Chaney's buddies. I'm sure he's getting a kick-back. After he gets out of office we'll know if he retires to his own private island or country. Mean while Bush is still pushing the Iraqi's to privatize the oil fields so his oil buddies can get in there and rape the lands. It still amazes me that the first law that was pushed on the Iraqi's was they could unionize.

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