Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If this is good what is bad

President Brownie selling the surge and it's aftermath is pushing the idea that things are just fine. The generals who remind me of a Frank Zappa lyric, "You sniff the buns of angles like it was cocaine."

So Bush thinks it's going great. What would something like a total failure look like. New Orleans still looks like it did after the hurricane or close to it. Right before his going on vacation speech he said that Americans were taking home more money per year not thinking that it was only the top 5% of American that were doing well.

At a boy Brownie will go down in history as the Bush administrations most famous quotes. Bush surrounded himself with yes men and butt sniffer that never tell him things are crap but yes your doing the right thing.

Mean while everyones phone calls and emails are getting read and even your snail mail is getting opened to see what's in side.

I can see why the Iraqi's haven't met the goals the congress set. The oil deal that Bush and Chaney are pushing is to privatize the oil fields. The Iraqi's say no to that and I can see why. It would be counter productive to their country to sell their future. What gets me is Bush and Chaney keep saying it's not about oil.

Chaney still being tied to Hallaburton who still working in Iran to matter what the sanctions are on that country. Even after the hostage taking back in the late 70's Hallaburton's been in Iran. Another country that's been off limits was Libya but how's there all these years, Halliburton. Now that they moved their office to the Gulf it would be wise not to have them working or having contracts with the military since they can't be trusted as being loyal to the United States. I have to question Chaney's loyalty wheather he's loyal to the United States or to Hallaburton.

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