Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bush give his studdering going away speech

Bush stammers along with another speech toting how good he thinks he's doing. Since he's been on vacation his approval rating went up. This tells me that the country thinks he's doing a better job while he's not doing anything. His statement that the economy is doing great came a bit soon before the stock market start taking a dive do to sub-prime loans. So far the federal reserve has been pumping billions into where ever the pump it, bailing out the banks and big inverters. Bush said he would help people from loosing their home but will help out the banks, investors and stock market. He's still out of touch with the war and thinks it's just going fine. He also this week made Iran Guard a terrorist group so I wounder if Halliburton will have to stop doing business with Iran, it hasn't so far in the past thirty years. During his speech he said people on average are taking home $3,500 a year but that is really all going to the top 5% of Americans. The rest of Americans have been going backwards. Bush never talks about inflation but only the core inflation which isn't much of anything. That's like saying you cut down on eating but still are 200 pounds over weight. He stays away from talking about the cost of the war also. He wants to push the September due date for the big report down a couple months but that's not going to happen. warrant-less wire taps are on the increase. All Americans are now far game.

So glade Texas has and is still getting pounded for putting this lier in office. Just proves that the Texas God is the wrong God. That steeling and lies will come back to haunt you. If they need to believe so heavily in the bible this is there biblical flood for Texas. Maybe they will take note about global warming now.

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