Friday, April 28, 2006

Nice Day

Forest FloorSun and lots of it. It's been in the 80's for the last couple
days. Sure beats the excess rain. The bear was back last night. I was
working at the computer when the bear came on the porch. It's so big, make
me look like a tooth pick.

I see the Abermoff scandal is reaching to El Dorodo county. Doolittle gets a
bribe from Abermoff to keep the Indian casino out. Even though the Indian
tribe paid for roads which were never built. I think they were run off
because of the people in Tahoe felt threatened by the little casino. The
city of Placerville spent over 2 million to defeat the Indian casino. I
don't understand how it was built if they didn't want the casino there.
Seems like the Indians did everything by the book and got all the permits
before they started putting the screws to the Indians. Myself, I think we
should be paying them rent for using their land.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bear on the porch

Bear on the porch. I thought it was my skunks fighting but no it was a big black bear. Hearing a loud noise I opened the door to find a bear with an empty bin.  Lucky for me I finished it off earlier last night. The bear made a run for it. I heard the steps as he was running in the yard but it ended rather soon. He must be on the road. I don’t know how many times the bear has been here because you can’t hear them until they make a lot of noise. He looks sad when I saw him last week. I know he was just looking for food. He was just doing his thing being a bear. I can see that he doesn’t like humans. I beat anything he’s been chased off so many places.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Where the seed bin

Went out to feed the squirrels this morning. I bought a bag of sunflower seeds yesterday. Now, the bins gone. A lap around the house and can't fined it. I came back in the house to get some shoes on and wash my foot off after stepping in a "turkey surprise." Not ready for dilemmas this early in the morning. Overcast and cool out right now as I start my search for the missing bin. Squirrels and Big Bird are looking at me asking, "where's my food." I found the bin up the hill from the house, it was that bear again. Inspecting the bin I notice the teeth marks, find puncture through this heavy plastic. So it's not much security but I can't bite through it. Simply amazing, I didn't hear a thing last night again like last week or the week before. The bear is walking in when ever it wants, something logical about that statement. Since the bear didn't eat much he might have just left since the neighbors dogs been barking all morning which isn't uncommon. The bear could have saw me as I walked around the house and took his leave. I can't be made at the bear it's just hungry and want to eat. Funny how I didn't see any tracks or hear any noise.

Friday, April 21, 2006

First nice rain

First nice rain in that it’s warm the doors are open and the rain is gentle. It cooled off just before it rain, not to cool but evening with a string running and silence. Nice to have a phone again. I was having a panic attack last week just like what happens to that new dog when you drive off. The dog does his panic from the loss of their companion. No bears tonight, yet.


6 month it took to get my phone fixed! If I lived in the city I wouldn't care so much because I could walk next door in case of emergency. He's it's miles to a phone. The other night I had a large visitor. I guess he came through last week too. It was a Big Yogi Bear big hairy sitting any where it wanted to. Thought went through my mind. "They found the guy that lives here, he's that pile of bones." "Too bad he didn't have a working phone, he could have called for help."