Friday, August 29, 2014

What’s with Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the Doctor Who series and noticed a few things. It looks like they are spending more money on each episode in the later ones from the beginning one. Better aliens in the later episodes. The girls that the Doctor picks up along the way have a limited ID. Season 4 picked up “Donna the dumb.” A little cosmetic surgery could remove those unbecoming warts. Just a spray of that cold stuff and they freeze right off. Donna could really use some wart removing along with a visit to the dentist and get her teeth fixed. Donna must have been picked because she does cry on command. Frumpy is another word for the girls he picks up. The first blonde he picked up was one that always did the wrong thing when you told her not to do it she did. Don’t do that it will kill you if you press that button. So what will she do, press the button to see if it works. Martha wasn’t too much better. Rather a scatter brain for a doctor student. It just amazes me when there is fighting where the line of solders are firing at something then another line of solders files in right in front of the guys all shooting. Instead of the first line take position in front first then the next line filing in so they aren’t shooting each other in the back. I do notice the special effects. Some of the construction material  used like venting used for special effects. I keep wondering if this is a kids show or for adults when Captain Jack was there having his way with other guys. At least his girl, the doctors daughter is a little hottie. Well, it looks like Jenny lasted one episode. She was nice to look at. Still wondering why all the parents in the series are dumb as rocks. Is that a cross section of the UK population? Is the doctor the only one that is thinking? The rest of the humans with him are all scatter brains.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seems others have noticed too

I was sent a article about the police killing more people then 911 since 911 with there military like outfits.

It’s really amazing how the mindset of of the police are. It’s them or us and they are the law and what they do is right in their eyes. They might have to fudge the facts to fit what they are applying. I just think there is too many deaths due to cops. I thought they were suppose to use things like stun guns first. Surely death is just too much to pay for contact with the police and if the police don’t like you then your dead. That’s just too much.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cicrle of Life

_Pentax 010 

It’s the Baby Girl, she perks up when she hears her name. She such a delight to see with her brother here eating apples, plums and grazing. I’d like to find more native grasses and plant them here since they would be green in summer time.

_Pentax 007

It’s the Sonny Boy. Momma Girls son born last year. He still sees his mother and the new babies which he’s real good with. Mom is mellow seeing her son. I’ve seen other mothers chase off the young ones.

_Pentax 022

Momma Girl and her two cute new babies. They are really something to see. Just perfect in every way. Momma Girl is so proud of her babies. She brings then over to show them to me. The babies like it here since they can run and play. It’s safe here for them so all the mothers bring their babies here. I’ll see the mothers snoozing under a tree while the babies explore or play with each other. They like testing out their legs and like running around the yard. What a wonderful forest family.

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Hands Up….

What’s going on in Ferguson is the tipping point of the rest of the country. I don’t know but I’ve noticed a lot of shootings by cops I don’t think were fair at all. Today’s shooting over a juice and donuts shouldn’t be a death sentence. So the guy had a pocket knife. Where are your stun guns? Why do you need to shoot the guy 10 times. As long as you keep your distance and try talking to the guy I’m sure the situation could be defused. Now someone is dead over juice and donuts. But it’s like that the cops seem to shoot first and think about what else they could do later. I heard about one shooting on the radio in the Bay area. The guy jumped the turn style and got a free ride. The cops were going after the free rider when he pulled a knife out and threw it at them. The cops pulled out their guns and shot him 20 times to make sure he was really dead. A little logic tells me that the guy threw the knife and now he is unarmed. Shooting him was over kill. They didn’t have to worry about their life being threatened because the guy threw the knife and didn’t have anything other then himself to do anything with. Besides he was just a turn style jumper no big crime not one that deserves to die over. there are so many of these questionable shooting. What gets me is they get cleared of the shooting. How can you clear someone of a shooting when the person doesn’t show a threat. He did but that time past and you still shot him. What are cops learning? Shot first and the cop shop has your back no matter what?

I heard about a guy in New York that wouldn’t open the door because his life alert medallion was set off while he was sleeping. He talked to the life alert people and said he wasn’t having an emergency. Still the cops and fire department showed up. The fire department seem to take a back seat while the cops took the door of the hinges to get in where they shot the 65 year old man. He kept telling the cops he wasn’t going to open the door because they were going to kill him if he did. All the conversation was recorded by life alert. I haven’t heard how that turned out but one of his sons was a lawyer and was suing the police department for wrongful death.

Police need to learn how to defuse the situation rather then shooting to solve a problem. Police mentality is it’s us and them. Them being the public who they are suppose to protect even from ourselves. Cops need to learn you don’t have to kill someone to prove you followed some sort of protocol, someone still dead and I don’t think that is a successful end to the confrontation. If they aren’t shooting at you then you can’t shoot that them. That needs to be the rule of law. I think it is too. They are suppose to use like threat to subdue the person not an overwhelming show of force.

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Friday, August 08, 2014

Been Slacking Off and have to Change

I haven’t been posting lately as you can see. I’ve run a few things through my mind thinking about it but just didn’t get up and write it down. There’s been a lot of politics going on. Then I’ve been watching a lot of videos also and could be writing about the videos I’ve seen. Been trying to figure out Doctor Who and Torchwood which seems like a popular show. I guess Doctor Who have been going for many years. Really have a hard time translating English in to English. It’s like listening to Elmer Fudd talk for hours. Like they are talking with a mouth full of marbles. The blonde really plays stupid well. Wonder if the frumpy blonde is like that in real life. I just don’t find them very good to the story when they go out of their way to be so stupid.

Been real dry here and everything not watered is turning brown. Almost have the new leg of the sprinklers finished being installed. I just have the valve area to finish. Need to beat down the stepping stones and level them out. The turkeys were here this morning eating the grass. Watching the babies run around and mom keeping them in control by a chirp. It’s amazing to see them thinking. That’s one thing I really noticed about all the wildlife is their ability to think.

This summer has been having it’s share of days over one hundred. Those days below one hundred like in the nineties isn’t much better, they really suck the life out of you. Helps add to my depression.

Have some new software from Nero to make videos and recode video to make DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. I need to get some MDisc discs to archive my photos and videos. They say, Write once read forever.

I have to wonder why some people make it while some don’t. Some people make all the right moves but don’t make it but then there it people who take short cuts and cheat and seem to make it. I just don’t understand what is fair. Why the cheaters tend to win. Why do mooches win?

I have to stop giving in to my urge to smoke and be content with the electric cigarette. I don’t know why just holding the cigarette in my mouth even when it’s out I find pleasant. I need to break that habit. I’m just hating smoking. I hate that it’s so dirty. I am a none smoker and I’m stopping smoking!!!!

Have to rake up and cut down any of the left over dry grass and make compost piles. I’ve been hearing people talk like this winter will be another dry one. That’s going to be hard on the wildlife. Very high fire danger too.

Finding that I have a fear of death. I’m wondering about life after death. Wondering how all that works. How there has been these special moments where you feel some contact from life after death. A soul reaching out and touching you. I know or feel there is a higher power and I’m not it. Just some trust I have developed over the years. It’s nice to know that my atoms will go on after I’m dead. I don’t know what that means for my soul or the part of me that’s me and where that goes. Being reincarnated is one thought. It would be nice to come back and try this thing we call life over again. See if I can get it right. Right now I feel like a victim again. Where others took advantage of me and I lost out. I guess I’m seeking help and direction right now in my life.

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