Thursday, January 27, 2011

Standing Scan, looking bad

I thought I put up the scan of my spine with me standing but it was me laying down. I have all my discs for my record of my x-rays and MRI’s. Doesn’t take a specialist to see how messed up things are in my back. Why the standing x-ray isn’t as good looking as the laying down one, I don’t know. I should be getting the CT scan disc soon. The standing one really shows how my discs are pushing out to the point they almost look like the backs going to break. Sure is painful that’s for sure. It’s more painful when I’m walking doing anything. It stopped me doing much of anything this year. My lives been on hold and I’m going to be on hold again after surgery. On my right side the ribs are grinding against my hips and that’s really painful. It feels like there’s a big spike stuck in my back also, right where the bend is. That part is sticking out my back too.


standing up2

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Friday, January 21, 2011

More Bad Spine

spine 1 exported

Had my pre-op yesterday. The doctor had a list of things that could go wrong and because this is a major surgery death could happen. I could wake up blind but that’s only a 2% chance of happening. I don’t know how I could live without color. You can’t used a camera when your blind. I’ll miss seeing my forest friends.

He plans to bolt me together from the inside and out or my back side anyways. They will make a 6 inch cut to the right of center. They will push my insides over and pull the discs out and put in holder with bone inside. I believe they will put some other type hardware also. Then I’ll wake up in the intensive care unit with a airway in to help me breath. Sounds like I’m going to be a mess. The next day they will make a foot long cut in my back and move the junk out of the way. That’s what it’s going to be after they put in the hardware and rods to keep me straight. I’ll never be able to bend after that.

I don’t remember which operation will take 8 to 10 hours but one will. The other will be around 5 hours. I don’t think it’s good to be out and under the control of chemicals to keep you out.


Two weeks before surgery and I can still smile and know what lies ahead.

Picture 219

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Health Care Industry Owns Republicans

. Republicans lead by John Boehner (sounds like; Boner) waste time trying to defeat health care bill past last year. They don’t have the votes. The American public is still dumb as door nails saying, “Would you look at the mouth of that gift horse.” The undecided voters are still smoking pot and sniffing glue. The republican base are still stuck in the last century and out of there radical chemical vapor soaked minds from living next to the refineries. Yes, they don’t know any better because they were born that way. They took the small school bus to school.

What, job killer? How can that be? More people will be buying insurance meaning the insurance companies will have more customers to take there money from growing ever more richer then they are now. So if your doing more work because more people are buying insurance your going to need more people to do that work because it’s going to be millions of people and you just can’t add a couple hours on to every ones day to take up the slack.

The government isn’t taking over anything. They aren’t taking over insurance companies. They aren’t taking over hospitals or doctors. They aren’t taking over any part of health care. What is going on is laws. Laws that say you can’t cancel a person because he got sick like they do now. If you baby was born and develops a medical problem they can’t tell you your baby has a preexisting condition, like they do now. If you had a bad flu and developed pneumonia and you were coughing up that green stuff and you don’t tell the insurance company that you went to the doctor for that and he gave you antibiotics to clear up the lung condition, you can’t be dropped like you can now. If you had pimples when you were a teenager living at home with your parent and now it’s twenty years later. You need to tell the insurance company that you had pimples as a teenager and your mother took you to the doctor and he gave you some cream you put on. So if you come down with skin cancer twenty years later and the insurance company will try to say you had a preexisting condition when you were a teenager. Insurance companies are in the business to make money and the only way they do that is by controlling what you can have treated. They will do everything under the sun to stop you from getting treated even if it will kill you. All that money you pay them every month I free money if you never make a claim. The perfect customer would be the person that pays in year after year and then you die without ever seeing a doctor. It’s all free money from you to them, what a deal. It happens to you know. Not everyone spends weeks in the hospital and has all sorts of problems.

There’s no socialism and the people that are saying that are full of it. Most likely it’s because they haven’t gone to school and that’s why they say that. How they can say something without knowing history just gets me. Then again we had a goof off college kid that bought his way to president that used college as a party scene instead of learning he was drinking. He didn’t stop drinking until years later. He was a cheer leader not a joke football player.

It’s amazing that you only hear the republicans making up lies. They have to slander and cheat to win. Then when someone acts out because of the hate speech they said it wasn’t me. I wonder why Mexico went to a single payer health care system like all the other leading countries. France is still number #1 leaving the United State down in the teens below Cuba and many other third world countries.

The republicans want you to believe you are loosing something by the health care bill but your not. The bureaucrats are already there at the insurance company working hard every day to deny service from you. They even have special departments to do that. You may only see the insurance sales person who really doesn’t care about you  or your health but  does care about the check he’s going to get every month. They are trained how to act when talking to you and look all sympathetic.

Remember everything in your life is fair game, the insurance companies will look into everything. Things you never thought of or that most likely isn’t even dealing with your health.

The Germans said the lie over and over and the people believed it just like the republicans are doing.

Hope you don’t die because of lack of health care.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There’s no “A” in his name

There’s no “A” in John Boehner’s name why can’t you say his name right, it sounds like what you get in your pants when your looking at naked women, about to have sex. Yes, he’s a “Boner” and it’s just like his personality too. Then aren’t all those republicans dicks? John’s just the head stiff dick. The limp dick is McConnell. So what type of English is it that Boehner sounds like Bainer? If he want to be a Bainer then change your name. For now, you’re a Boehner, like I have a John Boehner in my pants.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Going to the Spine Shop

Going to have surgery Feb. 2nd and Feb. 4th . It’s real major surgery and I’m hoping that everything goes well. That I don’t get any infections or major blood loss. As the days get closer the more mental stress I feel. I’m also having what I feel more problems. I lost another inch in height. I’m down 7 inches now. So hard to sit up or stand up without leaning over. My ribs have stopped me from getting any smaller because they are resting on my hips. That’s causing problems with my intestines. Everything I do take so much effort. It doesn’t matter what I take for the pain it still hurts a real lot. there’s x-rays of my spine below. It looks so bad. There’s a sharp bend which is poking out my back. It’s real scary thinking about surgery and the recovery. I think I’m more worried about the recovery then anything because that’s going to go on for months up to a year maybe longer. The doctor told me recovery would be a year and six month just for my spine to fuse together. They are doing eight levels in my back. To get at them they will cut open my stomach and take things out and work on my spine. The next surgery they will go in through my back. I hate they have to cut my muscle and tendons because they don’t grow back. I had surgery before on my back and I can still feel my spine where the cut was. If I’m this burned out before surgery I just hate to think how I’m going to feel after surgery remembering the other two back surgeries I had 20 years ago. My right knee has been giving me problems ever since I went to the pain management doctors and doing physical therapy. I only stopped physical therapy because I couldn’t stand on my knee. Getting up in the morning it’s so painful with the weight of my body on my knees. My back hurts all the time no matter what I’m doing. I need to get a few things before surgery like a walker. Looks like I’ll be missing this year because of recovering from surgery and leaning how to walk with a different shaped spine. I don’t think I’m going to be shooting many picture not like I used to. There have been days where I was in so much pain that I wanted the surgery that minute. I had pinched nerve and causing all sorts of pain not even moving. Moving made it so much worse. I’ve spent so many sleepless nights in pain where I couldn’t move. This last year has been real bad as far as pain goes. I’m hoping that my pain will drop off rather fast after surgery. It’s going to take a few month for where they cut to stop hurting when I move. Wonder if I should put some eye screws into the celling at places where I’m going to be laying down and use some webbing hanging down with a big knot or put a bar there to grab onto to help me up. I could use one in the bedroom and one in the living room by the couch. I think for the first few weeks I’ll be getting a lot of sleep. Going to have to get something to keep things moving because I got so plugged up after my first surgery. I didn’t realizer it at the time but after a week I had to go and it was the size of a baseball. Don’t need that again. I really hope this all goes well without any complications.

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My Deer Buddy

My deer friends Buddy has a problem with his jaw. A mean male deer that wandered in has picked on all the male deer here. The males and females all walk away when he’s here and stay away from him the best possible. I feel sorry for my friend because he has a hard time eating, the food falls out as he chews. He’s very gentle with all the babies and females. He is a very mellow deer like all the deer here except that one mean deer that has come here. I’m sure he might be a nice deer when it’s not mating season and the hormones get the best of him. I’ve watch the deer here when they do there fighting. They never try to hurt each other and when they get tired they take a break. My other friend I called Buddy too would be so gentle with the young deer around mating season. The young baby would come up to Buddy and lock antlers and push lightly and back up letting the young deer win. Every now and then there are real special deer that are great leader and great with the herd. I hate seeing the deer suffer but I’m not going to harm them in anyway like someone told me to do.


Deer Buddy with broken jaw

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Rush defends hate speech

Twisted Rush defends hate speech today and blames it on the democrats and media that the gunman went off shooting people in Arizona. That was Rush on his media outlet getting out to the masses. It’s the wing-nuts taking what Rush says literally and not realizing that Rush is over inflated and get paid to slander everyone. No normal people listen to Rush they have better things to do. It’s those people with the guns that are listening to Rush which scares me. Everything that the gunman had on the web or what the released is the same things that Rush says.

Palin is saying she hates violence but tells people to reload. Talk about a nut job. The guys only look at her in hopes they might get laid. Maybe this will knock Palin back where she belongs, in the kitchen.

David Brooks used to have somewhat good points but lately he’s gone down hill believe and defending poor policies. When your stuck with one side that’s gone nuts and your trying to back it up, it really shows as you stammer through your interviews. I can’t believe Brooks saying that hate speech doesn’t influence people.

People repeat things they hear on the TV. Just look at all the people that have repeated Death Panels by Sarah Palin. The only one I hear slinging mud and telling the big lies are the republicans. The Tea Baggers are just misguided people. Still gets me that a old man said he didn’t want government in his Medicare. The tea baggers keep talking about if it’s constitutional and try to quote parts of it but it’s totally wrong or saying this is in there but it’s not. Got to give them credit for trying to know and they didn’t even finish high school.

Now that states have cut back on health care because of the economy maybe they will take a second look about mental health care.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Tea Bagger shoots Congresswoman

Tucson, Az. Tea bagger shoot Gabby Gifford and 16 others following the Palin target map. Always knew that the Palin was a nut case. Her miss reading of the health care bill calling end of life care death panels just goes to show you how stupid Palin is and how she shoots off her mouth. Now it’s killed people because of her targets and saying reload. Maybe Palin needs to be held accountable. Put cross hairs on Palin.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

It Works! It Works! It Works again!

The computer is working again. Fixed the boot menu and boot manager problem. Took some reading at HP and Microsoft. Some of the stuff that HP will have you do doesn’t do anything and is wasted steps. Some of the steps are totally a waste of time. Why they wrote the instructions the way they did is like a younger person might do without thinking things through. I had to read it several time to try to figure out what they were saying. Then I went to the Microsoft web site. I also Googled the problem and it looks like this is a common one. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a Microsoft product that isn’t finished being built like all the past products. I’m amazed in how many forum post there are for this problem besides the instructions at HP’s site and Microsoft’s site. I’m glade I’ve downloaded Ubuntu the DVD but the CD will work to get online to read about the problem and find out how to fix it. I don’t like it they don’t tell you more. The HP manual is the biggest waste of time. There isn’t anything technical in it at all. I ended up spending a lot of time online that’s to the ability of Ubuntu which has a trial and installs into memory and doesn’t write anything to disk.  I was able to use Firefox to get online and check my mail and write mail.

I don’t know what went wrong just that it did. No one wants to tell you that part. I noticed looking at the text and logs in a temp directory. Some files wouldn’t let me read them. It would have been nice to tell me copy these files over there and restart the machine. But no, someone made it more complex. More info is better then none at all and having to rely on programs to do your fixes blindly. I know a friend that lost everything and reinstalled windows because the programs weren’t explained a little unless you get online to find out more. If you have a dead computer it’s rather hard to get online to do some reading.

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