Monday, January 17, 2011

My Deer Buddy

My deer friends Buddy has a problem with his jaw. A mean male deer that wandered in has picked on all the male deer here. The males and females all walk away when he’s here and stay away from him the best possible. I feel sorry for my friend because he has a hard time eating, the food falls out as he chews. He’s very gentle with all the babies and females. He is a very mellow deer like all the deer here except that one mean deer that has come here. I’m sure he might be a nice deer when it’s not mating season and the hormones get the best of him. I’ve watch the deer here when they do there fighting. They never try to hurt each other and when they get tired they take a break. My other friend I called Buddy too would be so gentle with the young deer around mating season. The young baby would come up to Buddy and lock antlers and push lightly and back up letting the young deer win. Every now and then there are real special deer that are great leader and great with the herd. I hate seeing the deer suffer but I’m not going to harm them in anyway like someone told me to do.


Deer Buddy with broken jaw

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