Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Health Care Industry Owns Republicans

. Republicans lead by John Boehner (sounds like; Boner) waste time trying to defeat health care bill past last year. They don’t have the votes. The American public is still dumb as door nails saying, “Would you look at the mouth of that gift horse.” The undecided voters are still smoking pot and sniffing glue. The republican base are still stuck in the last century and out of there radical chemical vapor soaked minds from living next to the refineries. Yes, they don’t know any better because they were born that way. They took the small school bus to school.

What, job killer? How can that be? More people will be buying insurance meaning the insurance companies will have more customers to take there money from growing ever more richer then they are now. So if your doing more work because more people are buying insurance your going to need more people to do that work because it’s going to be millions of people and you just can’t add a couple hours on to every ones day to take up the slack.

The government isn’t taking over anything. They aren’t taking over insurance companies. They aren’t taking over hospitals or doctors. They aren’t taking over any part of health care. What is going on is laws. Laws that say you can’t cancel a person because he got sick like they do now. If you baby was born and develops a medical problem they can’t tell you your baby has a preexisting condition, like they do now. If you had a bad flu and developed pneumonia and you were coughing up that green stuff and you don’t tell the insurance company that you went to the doctor for that and he gave you antibiotics to clear up the lung condition, you can’t be dropped like you can now. If you had pimples when you were a teenager living at home with your parent and now it’s twenty years later. You need to tell the insurance company that you had pimples as a teenager and your mother took you to the doctor and he gave you some cream you put on. So if you come down with skin cancer twenty years later and the insurance company will try to say you had a preexisting condition when you were a teenager. Insurance companies are in the business to make money and the only way they do that is by controlling what you can have treated. They will do everything under the sun to stop you from getting treated even if it will kill you. All that money you pay them every month I free money if you never make a claim. The perfect customer would be the person that pays in year after year and then you die without ever seeing a doctor. It’s all free money from you to them, what a deal. It happens to you know. Not everyone spends weeks in the hospital and has all sorts of problems.

There’s no socialism and the people that are saying that are full of it. Most likely it’s because they haven’t gone to school and that’s why they say that. How they can say something without knowing history just gets me. Then again we had a goof off college kid that bought his way to president that used college as a party scene instead of learning he was drinking. He didn’t stop drinking until years later. He was a cheer leader not a joke football player.

It’s amazing that you only hear the republicans making up lies. They have to slander and cheat to win. Then when someone acts out because of the hate speech they said it wasn’t me. I wonder why Mexico went to a single payer health care system like all the other leading countries. France is still number #1 leaving the United State down in the teens below Cuba and many other third world countries.

The republicans want you to believe you are loosing something by the health care bill but your not. The bureaucrats are already there at the insurance company working hard every day to deny service from you. They even have special departments to do that. You may only see the insurance sales person who really doesn’t care about you  or your health but  does care about the check he’s going to get every month. They are trained how to act when talking to you and look all sympathetic.

Remember everything in your life is fair game, the insurance companies will look into everything. Things you never thought of or that most likely isn’t even dealing with your health.

The Germans said the lie over and over and the people believed it just like the republicans are doing.

Hope you don’t die because of lack of health care.

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