Sunday, January 02, 2011

It Works! It Works! It Works again!

The computer is working again. Fixed the boot menu and boot manager problem. Took some reading at HP and Microsoft. Some of the stuff that HP will have you do doesn’t do anything and is wasted steps. Some of the steps are totally a waste of time. Why they wrote the instructions the way they did is like a younger person might do without thinking things through. I had to read it several time to try to figure out what they were saying. Then I went to the Microsoft web site. I also Googled the problem and it looks like this is a common one. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a Microsoft product that isn’t finished being built like all the past products. I’m amazed in how many forum post there are for this problem besides the instructions at HP’s site and Microsoft’s site. I’m glade I’ve downloaded Ubuntu the DVD but the CD will work to get online to read about the problem and find out how to fix it. I don’t like it they don’t tell you more. The HP manual is the biggest waste of time. There isn’t anything technical in it at all. I ended up spending a lot of time online that’s to the ability of Ubuntu which has a trial and installs into memory and doesn’t write anything to disk.  I was able to use Firefox to get online and check my mail and write mail.

I don’t know what went wrong just that it did. No one wants to tell you that part. I noticed looking at the text and logs in a temp directory. Some files wouldn’t let me read them. It would have been nice to tell me copy these files over there and restart the machine. But no, someone made it more complex. More info is better then none at all and having to rely on programs to do your fixes blindly. I know a friend that lost everything and reinstalled windows because the programs weren’t explained a little unless you get online to find out more. If you have a dead computer it’s rather hard to get online to do some reading.

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