Monday, January 10, 2011

Rush defends hate speech

Twisted Rush defends hate speech today and blames it on the democrats and media that the gunman went off shooting people in Arizona. That was Rush on his media outlet getting out to the masses. It’s the wing-nuts taking what Rush says literally and not realizing that Rush is over inflated and get paid to slander everyone. No normal people listen to Rush they have better things to do. It’s those people with the guns that are listening to Rush which scares me. Everything that the gunman had on the web or what the released is the same things that Rush says.

Palin is saying she hates violence but tells people to reload. Talk about a nut job. The guys only look at her in hopes they might get laid. Maybe this will knock Palin back where she belongs, in the kitchen.

David Brooks used to have somewhat good points but lately he’s gone down hill believe and defending poor policies. When your stuck with one side that’s gone nuts and your trying to back it up, it really shows as you stammer through your interviews. I can’t believe Brooks saying that hate speech doesn’t influence people.

People repeat things they hear on the TV. Just look at all the people that have repeated Death Panels by Sarah Palin. The only one I hear slinging mud and telling the big lies are the republicans. The Tea Baggers are just misguided people. Still gets me that a old man said he didn’t want government in his Medicare. The tea baggers keep talking about if it’s constitutional and try to quote parts of it but it’s totally wrong or saying this is in there but it’s not. Got to give them credit for trying to know and they didn’t even finish high school.

Now that states have cut back on health care because of the economy maybe they will take a second look about mental health care.

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