Thursday, January 27, 2011

Standing Scan, looking bad

I thought I put up the scan of my spine with me standing but it was me laying down. I have all my discs for my record of my x-rays and MRI’s. Doesn’t take a specialist to see how messed up things are in my back. Why the standing x-ray isn’t as good looking as the laying down one, I don’t know. I should be getting the CT scan disc soon. The standing one really shows how my discs are pushing out to the point they almost look like the backs going to break. Sure is painful that’s for sure. It’s more painful when I’m walking doing anything. It stopped me doing much of anything this year. My lives been on hold and I’m going to be on hold again after surgery. On my right side the ribs are grinding against my hips and that’s really painful. It feels like there’s a big spike stuck in my back also, right where the bend is. That part is sticking out my back too.


standing up2

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