Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mayor to get rid of Roots

Mayor Robert McGarvey of Rancho Cordova to displace founders and affordable housing to enrich tax base with new high priced living. His plan is to blight homes and nickel and dime the homeowners that help found the city out. It’s a case of an over zealous mayor trying to make a city he wants and not what the residents want or need. It’s a common theme used to get imminent domain of people affordable housing and replace it with high priced high tax based housing discarding the historic homes and business that founded the city. The idea of living in the country only to have a city move in on you is a common problem. Along with the city come nose and air pollution, higher prices and the loss of green areas. It’s a step backward as far as concerns health is for people. With more noise the immune systems of humans are compromised. With more traffic there is more “green house gases” and air pollution. McGarvey is on the board of directors for Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. Some people call it progress but what about the people who wanted to live in the country and didn’t want these entire new problem. The mayor admitted that he wanted to drive land prices higher, which increases the taxes that the city can collect. I’m sure if it were looked into you’d find that the mayor is connected to land developers and realtor's all who live for greed and their god money.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 AM and can't sleep

Got up at 2 AM, didn’t want to but woke up feeling hot like my skin was on fire. Watched a movie and checked e-mail and quake reports. Lay back down on the heating pad on the couch. Then the skunks started in. George got into a fight in front of the house, didn’t see whom he was battling with. He came on the porch to eat but I was standing there. I told him it was okay and at first it looked like he was going to come into the house. Things quieted down for a while until 6:30 AM. Another skunk fight under the house. I could hear it was a small one fighting most likely some one took her sleeping space. That would piss me off too.

Have a pain in my lower left back. It’s where the spine is shifting and the bone is poking me. Don’t know if that’s why I’ve got a headache or the cortisone shot last week or the skunk’s odor. I’m pretty tolerant to the skunks smell in that I can smell it but it doesn’t bother me. Maybe I’m just used to it from being expose to the smell on a regular basis.

Been listening to the radio. The Iraq situation reminds me of what happened in Vietnam, they didn’t fight a war but just hung out and got shot at. The military knows where different groups are but the new Iraqi government restricts actions. My pissed of view is kill them all and let God sort them out. There was a barricade around a segment of Baghdad but the president told the Americans to leave them, even though an American had been kidnapped. When I see large groups protesting against the Americans and dancing around blown up military vehicles with dead bodies, I have to say bring out the gun ships and cut them down. Innocent people are dieing over there a few more won’t make a difference if it gets things under control. Iraqis for the most part are living several centuries behind the modern world. They understand things like heads on a stick, so give it to them. Hang up the insurgent’s bodies on light poles. Fly them over cities and drop them out of helicopters onto houses. When 80% of the Iraqis hate us and won’t support the new government then 80% of the people can be eliminated. There could be one or two people left from a battle and they believe that they won the battle because they are still alive. If they want to meet their God them help them along with that wish.

What would make better sense is to take over Southern Iraq where the oil is since that what Bush went to war over. It would be easier to hold a smaller area like Basra. You could get the oil build up the lower end of the country while the rest of the country kills each other off. Come in later after the country gets done killing each other and then start reconstruction. Less American troop would be put at risk. You could fly around the border of the country and pick off anyone trying to get in.

The Palestinians are the same way. They could be totally defeated but will continue to fight when they could say, “We give up, you won and we wont’ fight anymore.” But no, they are obedient to their own cause. Israel has offered them medical supplies but the Palestinians turned them down because the supplies were made in Israel. When ever there’s a ceasefire the Palestinians start shooting rocks in to Israel. If you show a Palestinian a swatch of color and tell them it’s blue they will say, “No it’s not.” What I don’t understand is they will fight not for the good of the people but just to fight with no goal in mind.

It must be this headache I have to present a view like this. Sure makes you fell better having a good rant. I’m just tired of hearing about crap from the Middle East. They have been fighting for thousands of years and for them stopping now is only a dream. Some of the areas of the Middle East need a good carpet-bombing like Dresden, that sure got the Germans attention.

Went outside to put out seeds for the birds. Tiny Girl was coming home but I scared her from getting under the house. She ran down to the creek and looks like she will circle around. This time of year they need a good warm nest with other skunks to cuddle up to stay warm.

I really need to stop walking outside barefoot in 20 degree weather with a tee-shirt and sweats.

To top it off after switching to the new format of my blog the word plug-n isn't working.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold again this morning

Was up early this morning, the coldest it got over night was 17 degrees. As the turkey came off there perches and running down the hill towards the house to eat. I noticed on hen acting slow. She kept laying down. I think it could be hypothermia. Another hen I think it was her mother came over and got her up and scavenging. The other hen kept her going and moving to stay warm.

I had to put out water because the water bowls were all frozen. Being cold like this the critters need to eat a lot more because the cold burns calories. You can stay moving but that also burns off calories.

Last night the skunks didn't want to stay out in the cold. They came out for water but it became frozen. They didn't even eat much when they came out. I'm still thinking on how to build them a condo which will be water proof and warm.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Real cold, brain hurts

What a past couple days. Been sleeping way to much. I've been so tired since I had the cortisone shot on Monday. Had the happy knock out juice which at the time was rather nice. Backs feeling much better but having headaches from the cortisone. Now it's cold, real cold, been in the low 20's in the morning. Think last time I was outside it was 28. Skunks are making a bit of noise. I'm sure the cold isn't making them to happy. Having a problem with the phone company and lifeline and the California public utilities commission. I'll sign up for lifeline but it take so long for them to get me the form they disqualify me. Last month they billed me for $90. They been charging me $15 dollars for every time I sign up for lifeline. So far that's cost me $60 dollars and I haven't got the service yet. The CPUC is no help either even though they administrate lifeline. This time I got the form in on time and they sent me a notice which I got on the 9th of January telling me I need to get the form in by the 5th of January. The disqualified me again because I circled to many qualifiers, SSI, Medical, and one other I can remember. They were suppose to send me out a form about the 16 or so but it still hasn't gotten here yet. Talking to them over the past two days has got me so mad I feel like I could blow a gasket. Greed and the monopolies are going to be the downfall of this country. You only have to look at the Roman they were crushed from within before they were conquered from outside.
Did you here Bush's speech the other day. Looks like he wants to start a bigger war since he can't solve this one. They are moving "Patriot Missile Batteries" to the middle east which are anti-missile missiles. Iraq doesn't have any of those that's what the war was about. Bush did say that he would put a stop to the networks in Iran and Syria which means cross border raids or an invasion. Another Carrier Group which is about a dozen ship has left for the gulf. I heard there was already a couple carrier groups already there. I'm sure the subs are there leaking around with those ICBM's. Well if you can't win a war make it bigger and blame the other people for making you invade them. Isn't "Surge" the guy from the Eddy Murphy movie? Escalation is a bad word that the public doesn't want you to hear because it bring back memories of Vietnam.
I remember a song from the 60's, "the revolution won't be televised" I think that's wrong, it going to be on all the channels coming to you live.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The republicans are

The republicans are up to their same old name-calling. After what has gone on for the past six years they really don’t have much room to talk but I guess they forgot how they ran this country into the ground and near bankrupt.

I’m hoping that the new leaders will take a look to find out where the sweet heart deals were made by the republicans. Things like the no bid contracts. The no negotiating for drug prices for Medicare, which was a sweetheart deal for the drug, manufactures. The republicans cut medical care for the troops coming home and their families, that’s really supporting the troops. Then again I’ve always seen the republican do everything on the cheap. They never found anything properly unless the moneys going to a friend like Chaney and Halliburton.

Those tax breaks for the oil companies when they are making record breaking profits are sick. Today I heard a republican say he would think twice about cutting the tax breaks for the oil companies because it will drive up the cost of gas. That’s the same logic the republicans said when Clinton wanted to have a national health care program, they said it wouldn’t work.

The only reason it wouldn’t work is because the republicans couldn’t get there hands into the till.

They need to give the elected officials the same health care that everyone on Medicare gets. Then only will they change it and make it better. According to the Medicare rules then they would qualify because they make too much per year. Let then pay for their own health care they can afford it. They give themselves raises every time you turn around while saying no to a minimum wage increase because it might cut into the bottom line and they might not be able to buy four plasma TV’s but only three this year.

The only reason they keep talking about immigration reform is because they want cheap labor. They don’t care if the immigrants get paid at all they want cheap disposable labor. If they could get away will slavery they would.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The religious right

The religious right wants to force their views on everyone. Maybe changing the laws about marriage might be a good idea. The people married in churches commit to God and the state forever. That means no divorces also. Once your married in a church it’s forever until death, do you part. The religious right keeps beefing on that marriages don’t mean anything these days well maybe a real permeate version of marriage is necessary for them. Forget that two people of the same sex might love each other, make those God fearing people fear marriage because once you give your word to God there’s no backing out. Public stoning for infidelity, well that’s another thing we need to work on too.