Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2 AM and can't sleep

Got up at 2 AM, didn’t want to but woke up feeling hot like my skin was on fire. Watched a movie and checked e-mail and quake reports. Lay back down on the heating pad on the couch. Then the skunks started in. George got into a fight in front of the house, didn’t see whom he was battling with. He came on the porch to eat but I was standing there. I told him it was okay and at first it looked like he was going to come into the house. Things quieted down for a while until 6:30 AM. Another skunk fight under the house. I could hear it was a small one fighting most likely some one took her sleeping space. That would piss me off too.

Have a pain in my lower left back. It’s where the spine is shifting and the bone is poking me. Don’t know if that’s why I’ve got a headache or the cortisone shot last week or the skunk’s odor. I’m pretty tolerant to the skunks smell in that I can smell it but it doesn’t bother me. Maybe I’m just used to it from being expose to the smell on a regular basis.

Been listening to the radio. The Iraq situation reminds me of what happened in Vietnam, they didn’t fight a war but just hung out and got shot at. The military knows where different groups are but the new Iraqi government restricts actions. My pissed of view is kill them all and let God sort them out. There was a barricade around a segment of Baghdad but the president told the Americans to leave them, even though an American had been kidnapped. When I see large groups protesting against the Americans and dancing around blown up military vehicles with dead bodies, I have to say bring out the gun ships and cut them down. Innocent people are dieing over there a few more won’t make a difference if it gets things under control. Iraqis for the most part are living several centuries behind the modern world. They understand things like heads on a stick, so give it to them. Hang up the insurgent’s bodies on light poles. Fly them over cities and drop them out of helicopters onto houses. When 80% of the Iraqis hate us and won’t support the new government then 80% of the people can be eliminated. There could be one or two people left from a battle and they believe that they won the battle because they are still alive. If they want to meet their God them help them along with that wish.

What would make better sense is to take over Southern Iraq where the oil is since that what Bush went to war over. It would be easier to hold a smaller area like Basra. You could get the oil build up the lower end of the country while the rest of the country kills each other off. Come in later after the country gets done killing each other and then start reconstruction. Less American troop would be put at risk. You could fly around the border of the country and pick off anyone trying to get in.

The Palestinians are the same way. They could be totally defeated but will continue to fight when they could say, “We give up, you won and we wont’ fight anymore.” But no, they are obedient to their own cause. Israel has offered them medical supplies but the Palestinians turned them down because the supplies were made in Israel. When ever there’s a ceasefire the Palestinians start shooting rocks in to Israel. If you show a Palestinian a swatch of color and tell them it’s blue they will say, “No it’s not.” What I don’t understand is they will fight not for the good of the people but just to fight with no goal in mind.

It must be this headache I have to present a view like this. Sure makes you fell better having a good rant. I’m just tired of hearing about crap from the Middle East. They have been fighting for thousands of years and for them stopping now is only a dream. Some of the areas of the Middle East need a good carpet-bombing like Dresden, that sure got the Germans attention.

Went outside to put out seeds for the birds. Tiny Girl was coming home but I scared her from getting under the house. She ran down to the creek and looks like she will circle around. This time of year they need a good warm nest with other skunks to cuddle up to stay warm.

I really need to stop walking outside barefoot in 20 degree weather with a tee-shirt and sweats.

To top it off after switching to the new format of my blog the word plug-n isn't working.

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