Thursday, January 04, 2007

The republicans are

The republicans are up to their same old name-calling. After what has gone on for the past six years they really don’t have much room to talk but I guess they forgot how they ran this country into the ground and near bankrupt.

I’m hoping that the new leaders will take a look to find out where the sweet heart deals were made by the republicans. Things like the no bid contracts. The no negotiating for drug prices for Medicare, which was a sweetheart deal for the drug, manufactures. The republicans cut medical care for the troops coming home and their families, that’s really supporting the troops. Then again I’ve always seen the republican do everything on the cheap. They never found anything properly unless the moneys going to a friend like Chaney and Halliburton.

Those tax breaks for the oil companies when they are making record breaking profits are sick. Today I heard a republican say he would think twice about cutting the tax breaks for the oil companies because it will drive up the cost of gas. That’s the same logic the republicans said when Clinton wanted to have a national health care program, they said it wouldn’t work.

The only reason it wouldn’t work is because the republicans couldn’t get there hands into the till.

They need to give the elected officials the same health care that everyone on Medicare gets. Then only will they change it and make it better. According to the Medicare rules then they would qualify because they make too much per year. Let then pay for their own health care they can afford it. They give themselves raises every time you turn around while saying no to a minimum wage increase because it might cut into the bottom line and they might not be able to buy four plasma TV’s but only three this year.

The only reason they keep talking about immigration reform is because they want cheap labor. They don’t care if the immigrants get paid at all they want cheap disposable labor. If they could get away will slavery they would.

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