Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold again this morning

Was up early this morning, the coldest it got over night was 17 degrees. As the turkey came off there perches and running down the hill towards the house to eat. I noticed on hen acting slow. She kept laying down. I think it could be hypothermia. Another hen I think it was her mother came over and got her up and scavenging. The other hen kept her going and moving to stay warm.

I had to put out water because the water bowls were all frozen. Being cold like this the critters need to eat a lot more because the cold burns calories. You can stay moving but that also burns off calories.

Last night the skunks didn't want to stay out in the cold. They came out for water but it became frozen. They didn't even eat much when they came out. I'm still thinking on how to build them a condo which will be water proof and warm.

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