Friday, January 12, 2007

Real cold, brain hurts

What a past couple days. Been sleeping way to much. I've been so tired since I had the cortisone shot on Monday. Had the happy knock out juice which at the time was rather nice. Backs feeling much better but having headaches from the cortisone. Now it's cold, real cold, been in the low 20's in the morning. Think last time I was outside it was 28. Skunks are making a bit of noise. I'm sure the cold isn't making them to happy. Having a problem with the phone company and lifeline and the California public utilities commission. I'll sign up for lifeline but it take so long for them to get me the form they disqualify me. Last month they billed me for $90. They been charging me $15 dollars for every time I sign up for lifeline. So far that's cost me $60 dollars and I haven't got the service yet. The CPUC is no help either even though they administrate lifeline. This time I got the form in on time and they sent me a notice which I got on the 9th of January telling me I need to get the form in by the 5th of January. The disqualified me again because I circled to many qualifiers, SSI, Medical, and one other I can remember. They were suppose to send me out a form about the 16 or so but it still hasn't gotten here yet. Talking to them over the past two days has got me so mad I feel like I could blow a gasket. Greed and the monopolies are going to be the downfall of this country. You only have to look at the Roman they were crushed from within before they were conquered from outside.
Did you here Bush's speech the other day. Looks like he wants to start a bigger war since he can't solve this one. They are moving "Patriot Missile Batteries" to the middle east which are anti-missile missiles. Iraq doesn't have any of those that's what the war was about. Bush did say that he would put a stop to the networks in Iran and Syria which means cross border raids or an invasion. Another Carrier Group which is about a dozen ship has left for the gulf. I heard there was already a couple carrier groups already there. I'm sure the subs are there leaking around with those ICBM's. Well if you can't win a war make it bigger and blame the other people for making you invade them. Isn't "Surge" the guy from the Eddy Murphy movie? Escalation is a bad word that the public doesn't want you to hear because it bring back memories of Vietnam.
I remember a song from the 60's, "the revolution won't be televised" I think that's wrong, it going to be on all the channels coming to you live.

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