Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Night Shift

Well I guess you can't put a picture where you want to on the page.

The gangs all here. Haven't made a post in a while and it seems there's been some changes to the blog site. Found that Firefox doesn't seem to work right any more as far as posting pictures.
There's a red brown tint to the shy here. I'm listening to the fire near San Jose and I guess the smoke is blowing this way, 150 miles to the East.

I woke up today freezing and had to close the doors. It was still dark out and the deer were milling about the yard. The night shift was all gone and had turned in for the day. I really find the wild life here so amazing. I know I've said that before but it is. If you treat them with respect they respond in kind. Found out that the skunks can smell butter on your hands even if you wash them and they really love butter. You could put butter on a rock and they will find a way of eating it.

I haven't seen my baby turkeys in a while but they are hanging out today. They are getting so big almost the size of mom. I think the smell of smoke in the air is making them want to stay here. It's not strong but still you can smell it. At first looking outside I thought it was a fire near here which is rather common but haven't hears and air craft flying around here. Going to check NOAA's web site to see the latest weather pictures to see if the smoke will show up.

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