Sunday, July 02, 2006

Seen the first of the Quail

Seen the first of the baby quail. Unfortunately I was half a sleep when I went out side to put out grain and seeds. The squirrels stuck around along with the doves and blue jays but the quail scurried into the underbrush. Still the sight of the babies was such a good feeling.

The other day I watched a quail chasing a blue jay for getting to close to his woman. The one jay with the broken beak is still going strong. Still having problems picking up grain and seeds but he’s still alive. I put small pile of scratch out so it would be easier for him to eat.  His upper beak is broken half way down.

The blackberries are green and plenty. There are still blossoms that the bees are getting nectar from and pollinating. Maybe a good year to make blackberry preserves. It’s to bad they have so many spines because they tear me up.

Well it’s Sunday, time to listen to Prairie Home Companion, sit at the computer looking out the front door watching the wild life drinking coffee, French roast. What a great way to reflect what has happened this week, this month or my whole life. I try not to think to much but enjoy the moment.

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