Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rove on Charley Rose

Karl Rove was on Charley Rose last night. I always knew Karl was a good lier. Karl said, "This administration did not want to go to war with Iraq." I must have been on the wrong plane or something but my recall of events have a completely different take of events. Then he was pulling clips from obscure news papers quoting how good the war is going. Charley totally had to question Karl about that and what the real solution is, a political one like everyone else is saying. This war is still a money pit in the pursuit of oil for Bush and Chaney's friends. Propaganda isn't going to change that. We haven't heard anything about WMD in years. Bush stopped talking his "Church slang." How many times has Bush changed his turn about why we are at war, about as many times as you change your sock, hopefully every day. Well history well tell in time that Bush was the worst president and drove this country into near bankruptcy but the story isn't finished for another year so he can do more damage like start a war with Iran.

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