Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dont you love those

Don’t you love those political commercials? What about commercials that tell you something is safe when it’s poisonous. There is an industrial group trying to sell the idea that global warming and green house gases are good. What they didn’t tell you was that as the temperature of the oceans goes up it moves the where the rain comes down. Some places in the future like Texas will become permanent deserts. To bad some of these areas are depended on for food. Beside that when all the ice melt that has been here for a million years the sea level will rise 200 feet. Just think about it, the San Joaquin Valley full of water. Where will I get my lettuce? At the end of the ice age around 8000 years ago, trees that used to grow in Florida move North until the earth atmosphere stabilized and ended up in Canada where they are today. What’s real sad is the Republican Party and the industry behind them wants you to believe that every things okay and that the earth will survive. What they don’t tell you is they are so greedy that they would kill all life on the planet for power and wealth. When it comes to people getting breathing illnesses they blame it on second hand smoke. They don’t tell you that breathing diesel exhaust causes the same disease as breathing asbestos. The companies that make truck and heavy equipment for over 80 years have covered up this fact. When the past mayor of Los Angeles was elected he eliminated the law that was going to go into effect. When I looked into it further I found out this same mayor made his million in the trucking industry. The law I was talking about would have outlawed diesel engines in Los Angeles County.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Dick Chaney’s energy plan was to take Iraqi oil. In Paul O’Neil’s book he put the map dividing up Iraq for the oil companies. This was as soon as they came to power and don’t confuse that fact they were never elected. That was money and power can do place an un-elected person into the presidency. This is going to go down as the lowest point in the United States history.

As I remember a book about Nostrodomous’s forecast for the future, a religious president gets into a war but the rest of the world disagreed with this. The rest of the world unites to defeat this religious zealot and destroyed this country. Sending this country back to the Stone Age.

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