Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nancy in Wonderland: (Here's Blinky)

Nancy in Wonderland: At first I thought with the new democratic senate and house things would be different. Then I saw Nancy on Charlie Rose; she was a deer in the headlights. I kept hearing her repeat herself, this is what we did, this is what we did, really this is what we did. I lost my enthusiasm for the democrats. Lost any hope with the republicans back in the 70’s with Nixon. That’s when I found out the republicans see people as disposable units. Nancy was claming oh look what we did we raised the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour. I wish Nancy would try to live on $7.50 and hour for a month. Maybe she could do it during the summer months when she on vacation. Sort of like the Mel Brooks movie where he is a rich guy and has to live on the street for a month to prove a beat.

I challenge any lawmakers, Congresspersons, Senators, Governors, Mayors anyone one that is elected to live on $7.50 an hour. They don’t even have to work just live on the salary. They will have to live on $7.50 X 40 hours a week with no outside or other help. They need to get a place to live, pay rent, buy food to feed their self, buy cloths, pay for car insurance, buy gasoline all the stuff everyone else has to deal with.

If the congress and senate wanted to do something good they would stop inflation. Inflation doesn’t just hurt people in the developed world where we pay more for goods. Like gasoline used to be 19 cents for the most part of my days with a car in high school and part of college. I could go camping with a friend and it would cost us $20 dollars each for everything for the whole weekend. That’s gas to and from the desert and driving around gas while there. Then we eat like pigs and have a case of soda too. What a deal, there were no complaints.

I really liked what China did to a person in like an FDA like organization for taking a bribe and putting peoples lives at risk and hurting the economy, they sentenced him to death. I don’t think that’s too harsh and should be implemented here in the States. Since these so called elected official are mostly lawyers, they know the laws and should get hasher sentences when they break the law. Right now it seems that official tend to get easy or soft sentences. Maybe if they knew they would go to jail for life they wouldn’t take bribe and cheat people. As it is you can steal billions and get a slap on the hands while a person who robs a bank for a few thousand dollars gets twenty years.

I just don’t buy this crap that our officials spout off, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. What a bunch of crap. Your even dumber then you look to thing I buy that. I’d believe you after maybe your hands were cut off for stealing. I’d believe that. Maybe after 20 years in jail I’d believe they are sorry for what they did. Officials need to go to jail one day for every dollar they took in bribes or embezzled or bribed others. This crap they say, “Well he was really humiliated for what he was caught doing.” Mean while people that are addicted to drugs, who can’t control their selves are sent to jail for years. I think if we started hanging elected officials that do wrong they will stop doing wrong real quick.

Lawyers, elected official that break the law don’t do it on the spur of the moment type impulse like say a drug addict does. They conspire with others to break the law and try to figure out ways of covering up there deeds. Thinks like that need a more extreme sentence. Give them a lop it off of them type treatment and you will see organized crime go down drastically. If your in a national capacity then it’s life in jail, no second chances, no new court case. But you think elected officials would make such a law? No they wouldn’t because they want to keep there shady doings on open, just in case a deal comes up where they can walk away with a few billion. You’d go to jail for a couple years if you could walk away with a couple billion.

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