Monday, June 18, 2007

Fires and hot birds

Another fire today. I can hear the large airframes flying to the west of me. The twin engine spotter came almost over my house which prompted me to turn the scanner on to see how close the fire was to me. There's two tankers circling like vultures on a hunt. Many of the fire companies are out fighting this fire putting a strain on the rest of the county.
It was the same thing yesterday too, the spotter and heavy traffic on the radio. I could see the smoke from that fire here.
Seems the fire is a structure and grass fire. The fires about fire miles from me as the crow fly's. Good to know the fire departments will respond to fires rather quickly.
I think I lost about ten pounds working in the yard yesterday pulling weeds. I was in the sun most of the day which felt good but dried me out like a piece of beef jerky.

Hens are sitting at the picnic table, I guess they want to eat. They look a bit over heated and breathing hard. I guess it's hard walking around with a down coat on in this heat.

I saw a mother jay feeding her baby yesterday. That was a first for me here after five years of watching them. I've seen other birds feeding their young but not jays.

The raccoon babies were here last night. They are real playful and seem to get into everything. Mom is real protective of the kids and challenges everyone that comes close to them.

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