Monday, June 25, 2007

Supreme Court, Big Tools

Supreme Court sucking the big tool of big business and the Religious Reich. They seem to have a case of ED, Extra Dick, I thought we had that in the Casa Blanca already. What's one more Dick in the city of Dick's.

No more simple speech unless you run it past your lawyer even if the slogan might be fiction. Mean while "The Tools" keep reading the Big Book of Fiction saying it's true bring mankind progress slowing to a halt. This almost sounds like some religious ideology's that want to live in the 8th century. Lets save the unborn to send them off on some religious war for oil and big business, that makes a lot of sense.

What should we expect, after all all Bush's appointments have been losers, this is nothing different. Every one of Bush's buddies ended up getting fired, quit in shame or retired to stay home with their family. Still waiting for Alberto to exit.

Maybe if everyone prayed to their "God" and hoped that Bush's backward appointees will get hit by lightning , have a blood clot, or something lake a car accident and doesn't have his or her seat belt on.

This seems all good and legal. It's my "FREE" speech It's how I feel and you can't make a law to change how I feel. Oh what doesn't Bush have the mind police?

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