Sunday, March 27, 2005

What a week!

What happened to the past week, as a mater of fact what happened to the past two or three weeks, I let my computer set the time "Automatically": but it doesn't seem to work since I re installed everything getting rid of those pesky programs, My hibernate doesn't work. I need to figure out this modem sharing.
Well, Easter tomorrow, guess I'll do some painting. The pains are still going on the right side of me. Still I think this has something to do with my knee.
Working one a hybrid antenna into a super TV antenna. Two Verticals, one high gain horizontal beam. Some of the channels are coming in better but some others are not so good. When I get the horizontal beam it should work better on the low end. It's been about two years since I haven't been able to receive the channel guide. At least that's working now.
The apple tree that fell over was made a bit shorter and modified like a trout mask replica. The roots are in the ground and the ground has been packed in. I also gave it some miracle grow. maybe I can get the parts that were growing can get going. 
I'm so worn out from the rain the fast few days. Working in the rain just suck the heat from you. Then when something smacks you in the head it's a real shock to the head. Speaking of head my sinuses are doing me in. It's those oak trees, My car turns this sort of powered yellow. Well I'm going to call it a night and what ever needs to get done will have to wait.
Air, you can't do with out it.
Nature Photography
Cheaters always prosper.
and good guys always finish last.

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