Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mrs. Nippers

Pentax 004

Mrs. Nippers a little better or worse for wear. This is what happens when you have five babies all at once last year. She’s a good girl and eats cookies with me on warm summer nights. I saw her babies last night traveling together. Momma Nippers is a somewhat friendly raccoon. She trust me to a point. No matter how good the raccoons know you they still look at you like a giant and they don’t want to be harmed by no giant. Momma nippers has a missing piece to her ear so Mrs. Nippers. Was great watching the babies grow up and watch Nippers teach the babies how to be a raccoon. She’s rather protective while she’s raising the babies and will give you a growl to tell you to stay away. The babies will run up the nearest tree for protection. It’s simply amazing watch them grow up and go off on their own. I’ve noticed that most all the animals live in one area and if you don’t see them every day then they are dead. I not sure how many years a raccoon can live but it has to be ten to twenty years.

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