Thursday, June 06, 2013

So, you have been doing this for years….

The Guardian News paper in England reported that Verizion has been storing call data. Meta data but no calls. the NSA has been doing this for years Senator Feinstein said, we should be used to this. ATT was outed a few years ago for the secret room with lines going in from the over seas calls. So this is suppose to stop terrorist from doing things. What about a couple kids from New York calling and traveling to Russia, would that send up red flags? When Russian police say to the FBI, you should watch these guys. What are the NSA and FBI doing when another countries police warn that these are dangerous people but you didn’t do anything. From what I heard it was some cheesy deal and you dropped the balls again. So we found out about this from a leaked document. Might as well been the Time or Wiki leaks it’s all the media. Government is defending this policy. I just don’t get if they are getting all this data into that new facility in Utah, why didn’t they get the Boston bombers? We were warned by Russia. The people called Russia and the people in Russia called here. Some how the billions of dollars spent tracking phone calls isn’t the best bang for the buck. Police telling you to watch these guys isn’t much of a clue either.What is a credible warning? What is a credible threat? How much do you have to stand out before the NSA does something? What gets me is someone on the news said if the Boston bombers had used their phone which they did they could have stopped the bombers.I’m thinking it’s a waste of time myself also a waste of money. We are spending trillions of dollars on prevention and turning up nothing other wise the Boston bombers who the Russians said watch these guys, if that’s not a big red flag I don’t know what is.How often do other countries police tell us to watch these guys and they turn out to be terrorist? What does it take people shooting up flares before the NSA will see something. What does it take for the FBI to take notice? 

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