Friday, September 02, 2011

Allegiance to the Country and not a corporation or people

When your hired for any job in the government you take a pledge of allegiance to the country of the United States. You also say that your not in or have been affiliated with the communist party. Doesn't say you can't belong to other groups that want to over through the country like some religious groups or tea bag groups keep talking about. Doesn't say you can't show allegiance to an industry, business or persons such as the Koch brothers and Koch industries and what they stand for.

It's common knowledge that the tea bagger party is funded by Koch brothers and the Koch industries. The go between was Dick Army. Dick Army is also the one that revealed a CIA agents name, usually a treasonous offense and lied about it to the FBI.

When you look at how the wealth is divided up in the country the working class and middle class are at the very bottom with .3 % of the wealth. In case you didn't see that decimal point or can figure out fractions like most people these days, that's 3/10 of one percent. 2 percent of the people have 85 percent of the wealth. Those are people that have or make over a 1,000,000,000 dollars a year plus the money in the bank and investments. They pay less then you on their income tax because of all the breaks they get.

The Koch brothers make after taxes 110 billion dollars a year. That's $110,000,000,000 dollars a year if you need to see the zeros and compare that to what you make. That's every year too.

To understand 2% of 300,000,000 people is 15,000 people. So 15 thousand people have all the money in the country out of the 300 million people in the country.

That are so rich they pay people and have nonprofit focus groups and lobbyists. Koch brothers have all the so called nonprofit think tanks you hear about on TV news that is against things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, any social programs like public schools, the government,  any thing like regulations that would harm you the public. They are against being able to sue a company for wrong doing. That's the regulations they are going after right now. They do believe in monopolies and are against antitrust laws.

When it came to saving the planet from economic meltdown these groups wanted to bail out the banks and insurance companies but didn't want to help the people they took money from as investments. All those people lost trillions of dollars. A trillion dollars in 1000 billion dollars. That's $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. Took a few trillion to bail out the banks and AIG but countries like Greece who bought these paper products ate crap. The whole EU is down because of Wall Street and the ratings companies who rated trash as triple A rated paper. Myself I think those ratings companies need to have their business license pulled and be put out of business and be forced to help pay for the bailout. The leaders and managers of these firms should be jailed one day for each dollar. What's real bad is if you rob a bank they will put you in jail for 20 years but commit fraud and you get a slap on the wrist and get to keep the money. If you do go to jail it's only for a couple years and you still get to keep the money. In China you would be ask to kill yourself and the government would take all the money you had back. Law here are made to protect the white collar crimes. They affect more people then any bank robber could do. Why isn't the time in jail proportional? I don't understand why a bank who is protected by insurance so all the money taken is returned but the bank robber gets 20 years for taking a few thousand dollars. Yet, a broker who steels billions of dollars, doesn't spend any time in jail. After the bailout the leaders of these companies gave themselves a tax payer funded raise for causing there institution to fail.

So when you hear people like Canter asking for billions to fix his state after cutting funds to FEMA. The people need to say fix it yourself Canter. Take it out of your state funds. Raise taxes and bonds to fix your state. Why do republicans say they want to cut everything but have a little disaster then they have their hands out saying give me. Sure we can give you money but it's going to be a loan and we with make sure it's a low interest loan. These are people that don't want to pay taxes but want tax payer dollars. Why should anyone give them anything? They don't deserve a dime. Ask the Koch brothers to help you out and see what you get. A big NO.

Back to the point I want to make. When you take the pledge to work for the country you need to say that you do not have any allegiances to and corporations, any people, any ideology other then for democracy. After working for the government job you need to take a break and not be hired for any think tank for the rest of your life. You can't be hired to lobby either for a life time. The idea you want to make the government so small that it's irrelevant should be seen as not being with the country and be a hostile person to this country.

Perry who is tied to a religious group along with Michelle Bochman and Sarah Pallin who believe that the country needs to be taken over because of the end times biblical prophecy, need to be removed from the government as hostile people against the state. People that want to stop public education have a reason, they want uneducated people to work cheap for them. They only want rich people to be educated. That's why in Texas they are rewriting history, changing it along with science so people will only believe in the teachings of the bible. That way they can control the masses. They just quote from the bible and you wimp out and don't question what they are doing. People like Perry, Pallin, Bochman are criminally insane. They plot how to take over others and dominate them. Bochman  who is against big government profited her whole life from the government and so did her husband how did state work. It's funny to hear someone running for president say professional politician made this mess. No it was republicans like Bush and Chaney who didn't pay for two wars and gave all the tax money to the super rich caused this problem. This same person comes from a family of politicians. He's been in office decades.

We went to the moon back when the tax code was 70% on the very rich and the country had more jobs. We had a middle class back then also. Industry didn't move to other countries like the mantra is by the republicans. Even giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations doesn't create jobs it's the government that can do that when it's really needed. It's done that in the past and can do it again now. We need a project like Hoover dam but a solar panel field 100 square miles set up in several places in desert states. We need fiber optic cable and fiber run to every home in the country to stay up with the rest of the world. The USA is 16th as far as speed in the world. ATT wants to take over T-Mobile not to give you better service but to make itself into a better monopoly. I believe it's time to bring an antitrust suet against ATT and they need to be broken apart. Because corporations have no allegiance to any one country, if they are to continue to work and do business here they need to take a pledge of allegiance to the country just like a federal employee. Some of these corporations need to be nationalized for the good of the country. Say in putting in Fiber Optic cable around the country, that should be owned by the government and leased to companies and corporations to use so that us the people don't get riped off like we are now. Everyone should have a fiber going to their homes that isn't tied to any corporations. This would be the type of work project that would create jobs and a lot of them independent of corporations. Use the UK model, it works there and can work here. The FCC has been run over by the republicans and corporations and needs to be returned to the people. Putting solar panels on every home in the country would take away the need for new power plants and cover the power needs during the day. The power plants that are here now would only be needed at night. Making deals with power companies who are corporations and have no allegiance to the people of the country need to have the lights turned out on them and start serving the country and We the people. They will not do what's right and you can't trust them. If you hear the ads for natural gas and gas mining they talk like they are your friends when the only friend they have is profit for the share holder. They don't care if they drill a well and your property is damaged in the process. The Oil sand pipeline will not bring down the cost of gasoline because that type of oil is only good for making diesel fuel which will be sent over seas and sold there. So far the first parts of the oil sands pipelines all have leaked and caused damage to rivers and farm lands. As the hearings about the San Bruno pipeline explosion was taking place there was a leak in another PG&E natural gas pipeline which I believe caused a fire. They found several leaks on that line but the republicans are watering down any regulations on natural gas pipelines so that putting in automatic shut off valves is optional. That's the regulations that they are fighting against happening things that would make people safe. They are out to undermine everything that has been fought for over the years. They want the days when lakes are so toxic and catch fire again and not to be held responsible for it and want to be protected against law suits.

Never trust a corporation that says trust us, we are your friend. Never trust anyone from the Koch brothers think tank that talks fast.

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