Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get my lean on

"On my pills again. I got my lean on. So, F- -K OFF or I'm going to nuke something."

Outrageous is the swing of things. The more outrageous you are the more press you get and any press is better then no press even if you don't know what your talking about. 

Well Bochman has a real sweet health care package from the government. Is that government socialized medicine? Bochman said she want to get rid of Obama-care calling it socialized medicine but the same health care industry publicly traded companies really isn't socialized medicine, it's what federal employees all get.  She's just talking out your ass again, right? If we had socialized medicine then the health care costs in the country would be more in-line with the rest of the world. It really would be a good thing to open up Medicare so anyone that wanted medical insurance could buy into the plan and also increase income to help balance Medicare over all.

For someone that is against government she sure into government money coming her way. her and her husband made a career out of getting money from the government whether it's taking in children and getting paid big bucks or doing funky science on state funded psychology, to getting farm subsidiaries. So what did you grow or not grow to get government money? Talk about a career politician that screwed up everything. It was people like her that screwed things up.

Astroturf tea bagger funded by big business to get rid of taxes for the rich corporations and ALEC. Don't you feel like a "Tool" having to say thing put into your mouth. With a mouth that big a tool in it seems like normal thing. The tools of big industry. Bought off like a cheap hooker. 

So she want to deregulate everything and pollute so she can help along the end times. What if your wrong and you just kill off the human race and in the process cause all sorts of starvation, disease and suffering. Putting all your stock into myths is really bold. You don't see science as real then why do you need health insurance for yourself and family? Give tax money back to the people you don't need it get your duffus friends to pray over your sick mind and body.

So she want girls to grow up and develop cervical cancer when there's a prevention. That would be real funny if she or one of her family members develops cancer when it could have been prevented. Now she's saying that Guadasil cause retardation in a girl. There's a challenge of $10,000 dollars if you can produce proof of that.

Well it's good she's shooting her mouth off so people can see what an odd ball she is. That she's on the fringe of what people think and not a normal person. Makes Bush look like a normal person. Only a person without education would make statements like Bochman makes.

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