Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Foot and Baby's

 My baby resting after a run up the road here. She cleaned herself and now resting before dinner. She has a unique mark on her nose. Very friendly and lets me pick the burs off her. I found brushing her causes a bit of pain but she knows I'm just helping get the burs out. She will make a little peep as I brush her but leans into the brush. I was worried when she had a cold and her nose was running. She kept sneezing one day and didn't want to be around me. She's doing much better now.
No not my wet foot print. It's baby Bear's foot print. Amazing how close it looks to a human foot print except you don't see and part of the back of the foot. This is a front foot print. I've noticed they step with the back foot on the front part of the foot but bring down the back part like humans do. They step so softly as they walk. Step a little stop and wait to see if anyone has noticed them moving. Even though the bear is a baby and for most people it would scare them mainly seeing the size of their heads. Most of what your seeing is hair fluffed up, standing up. Still we aren't used to see anything big but dogs and then we back away even if the dog is friendly. We will gauge that by how it jumps on us and starts licking us where to be afraid. Still folk lour plays in the back of our minds. The stories of people eaten in their sleeping bags with candy bar crumbs all over them. For the most part they just want a bit to eat and that is something like nuts and berries. Water is something else they are looking for. They can smell way better then any dog with that long nose. They avoid contact with humans as much as possible. If your cooking out in the wild or in a park and a bear shows up they are just thinking, "Your having a party and didn't tell me." They are eating machines but black bears don't eat any thing bigger then a squirrel. They are afraid at seeing something as big as a deer and when I seen seven turkeys go after a bear causing it to run off, I was real surprised. They explore and think about what they are doing and  see what happens when they do something. Slow and steady as they go. One think I noticed with a larger female was don't poke her in the butt when she can't see you. She turned and snapped at her baby when it bumped into her.

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