Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Ears and Mom

Those little round heads and big ears all signs of a baby. The little head needs to be grown into. Watching the babies I’m always over joyed watching them explore the world seeing everything for the first time. Baby deer are always smiling and happy. It’s sort of a nursery here where the mothers relax and the babies run and play. It’s amazing watching them run as fast as they can. They don’t care where they run a long as it’s fast. The mothers look on like any worried mother but they know the babies are running like they once did when they were small. Every year that’s my enjoyment watching all the babies. The mothers of all species look at the babies with so much love for them. I’ve noticed that other species give the babies room to play and explore. The deer looking at the baby skunks knowing that soon they will have babies soon also. The raccoon are exploring all the new life too. They roll and play with each other. They are so cute and so shy. It takes a while to earn their trust but when you do it’s wonderful.

Pentax 164

Pentax 165

Pentax 166

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