Monday, August 12, 2013

The new pictures are here. The new pictures are here. Still the same old bones.

You know your getting old when the new president is younger then you. Trying out my Panasonic 3 chip camera to see how the color and sharpness come out. After all they say this camera is a semi pro camera. For the price it’s a rather good camera.

Panasonic 107Panasonic 085Panasonic 083Panasonic 082Panasonic 071Panasonic 070Panasonic 064Panasonic 062

Little Boo-Boo-Leg. Poor little thing was run over by a fleeing deer at night. I needed to feed her by hand for several months until she healed and got back on her feet. I don’t know if her back was damaged or if it was just her leg. She’s old and walking slow. She’s a very friendly little buddy and lets me pet her. I think she likes it

Panasonic 040Panasonic 034

Panasonic 025Panasonic 021

Panasonic 017Panasonic 013

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