Sunday, April 07, 2013

Happy Buddy

Nothing like a little buddy smiling at you. This is one of my forest friends. It’s still young and was born last year. They grew up here eating the cats food and bugs in the yard. I find holes dug the the raccoons and skunks in the yard after they went for some sort of nasty bugs. The raccoons will snag moths right out of the air and munch them down. My cats do that also. It’s amazing when you have a raccoon that trusts you and will stick around when it sees you. I have been able to give them cookies and cat treats. One raccoon felt my warm finger and inspected my finger on all sides. I think it discovered that we are closer together then farther apart. I’ve found out them washing their paws if to soften their skin so they can feel things better. They don’t wash their food, that’s just a myth. I’ve seen shows about raccoons and my little buddies seem to be a lot different then the city dwellers. I’m the only human they have ever seen. As long as I’m kneeling down and being small they seem to except me a lot better. I’d be afraid to of something that was ten times bigger them me. Still these little buddies are very shy. That’s good because it help for their survival. They sure seem like wise creatures watching them. Mom teaches them the first year and I’ve seen them together the second and third year. Since my kitties and the raccoons grew up together they are good friends and you see them together all the time. Now to train them to pet the cats.

Pentax 010

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