Saturday, January 12, 2013

Too cold to do anything

Too cold to be doing anything outside. Todays high was 39 degrees and low this morning was 25 degrees. The yard was frozen and white from ice crystals. I almost got the Dieter in the house tonight but as I started closing the door she ran out. Well that’s closer. I’m petting them something they said I’d never be able to do. Deer are sneaking up to get the cat food. The raccoons played with the frozen water bowl and rolled it across the yard and up the hill. Saw a couple male deer pushing each other in the creek. They were splashing in the water and the antlers were clacking. They don’t hurt each other and seem to stop right before they do. When one deer quits both quit. Nice to see they have an honor code of fighting. This cold spell has hit the whole state all the way down to the ocean. Still getting a light dusting of snow higher up.

I have some new babies under the house. I believe they are a family of raccoons. I heard them crying while mom was out eating. I had a family of 5 babies last year under the house. They still come around as a group. I’ve watched them grow up and learn to be raccoons. This should be an interesting year. Now I see why the skunks were chased off from under the house because of the babies.

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