Saturday, March 27, 2010

Radical right goes on war path about health care

I'm so surprised at the lies that the republicans have said over the past year. What's even more surprising is the people that believe all the lies and have expanded on the lies. Hate groups are running a muck. What's even crazier is the ones with guns. I heard one guy yelling out almost tearing his vocal cords say that, "Obama's going to take our property." This over health care. How did it get so wanged out. The republican leader didn't help with their talking points saying them over and over what people wanted and how this is such a wrong bill that it was rammed through. Last night on the news I could see one republican, Pence looking off camera to the left to read his talking points which he worked into the answers which he never gave anything truthful. He was asked a question and went off on a tangent with his talking points over and over never answering one question that was asked of him. He said that he was against the violence that people were doing but he supported free speech which was a bit of a confusing statement.

Palin's out with McCain who is trying to keep his job and because he's trying to keep his job is really talking out like he's some sort of tough guy winner. He used to by somewhat civil before many years ago but not he's trying out out conserve the other guy. You know how people try to out do others whether it's in being radical in fashion or kids out dressing the other punk kids. Dressing for best shock value.

What's real twisted is the not so bright followers who can't tell a lie from the truth, the bible benders, the nuts with guns drinking beer with a Confederate flag in the back of there pickup. Country in a sad state. I heard a stat that only 20% of the nation identify as republican which make you wonder how a republican can say the country doesn't want this bill. When Obama took office the republicans plan was to say no, "Nay Sayers" is a good name for the republicans. If your always being an obstructionist the Nay Sayer fits. I don't see what it's going to get them. I'm hoping that America can see that the Nay Sayers were putting up road blocks at every turn not to mention all the lies. I find it real sad that there's people that believe the lies and repeat them plus enhance the lies as they spread them.

I heard a woman that was going to move to the most backward country of South America because the country is turning socialist. She's a tea bagger and listens to Fox news. She claims she's a bright educated person and is interested in science. But ask her about global warming and that becomes a myth made up by the scientist.

I found that if you talk to a lot of people you bring back a little of there personality. What's bad is the isolated people that don't get to talk to a wide variety of people. They don't get feedback about why a lie is wrong and they can't find out the truth. I'm reminded that South Park is coming up on 200 episodes, a show more people need to watch and laugh at themselves for acting as a gang mentality. Find out how a 4th grader think compared to you. I know when I watch South Park I'll say, I know a person like that.

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