Thursday, March 04, 2010

Poizner wants to cut taxes 10%

Another republican ploy to get votes. He says he’s going to cut taxes which will really help out the budget. He being a republican doesn’t care about public schools since he’s sending his children to private school. It’s the same with health care, the states is buying him insurance no matter what it costs. It doesn’t matter even if there are preexisting problems he still gets insurance paid for it by the state. People might get a fe dollars for the tax cut but the rich will end up getting the most money. The poor and middle class people will get there token checks.Those people will be happy unless they find out what the people on the high end of the scale get. Still people forget the services that will be cut but see the dollars lighting up in there eyes blinding them to anything else like logic.

It would be good for elected official making so much money have a cut to their wages to help balance the budget. They also should have to get their own health care and pay for their own car too. As it is elected officials get to many fee bees at the expense of the tax payer.

To balance the budget we need to stop building roads rather then make cuts to health care for the real poor. Besides they won’t be taking advantage of the great roads. What about the police and fire, everyone wants then around unless your so rich you have your own security and fire department on your private compound. That’s where you park your helicopter. Remember these so call common folks aren’t they are filthy rich, getting paid doesn’t even cover what they make on all the business deals they have going. The only reason they run for office is to get laws past that will help them and there friends doing what ever they are doing. Whether it’s selling arms, missiles, tanks, hummers to the government there’s always the inside man or woman. Get laws changed in the money market so your wife could be making money out there do to the changes. Have someone as the president and all his fathers buddies all sell to the military or get no bid contracts for a war because you were the CEO before becoming vice-president. Some people are more honest then others but you have to ask what is it going to do for the good of the country and the people or what people will it benefit. Some people don’t want any change to help the people with medical while others do, ask yourself what don’t they want change?

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