Friday, March 05, 2010

Time to start a criminal investigation on the lies going to war.

Bush and Chaney have been lucky so far and people have forgotten what they did. Republicans like Senator Boehner and that other drunk in the house need to be reminded what happened for eight years while Bush was in office. How he changed the constitution and the Geneva convention to make torture sound legal. Then there’s  the lies they told the American people to make the case for war. Well i was more then the American people, they were at the UN telling lies. Then there’s the guy which I’d call treasonous when he blabbed the name of the CIA agent and lied about it. Bush said he was going to prosecute how ever it was but nothing happened. Rumsfeld need to be in this mix of people since he was the one pushing water boarding and the stress positions. Remember Rumsfeld saying, “I stand all day, it’s no big deal.” He didn’t say he was chained to the wall naked. Boy! those were the days. Then there’s the master mind who put the briefs together like he was at a normal court case. He’s up teaching now at Berkley. I heard him on a couple talk shows, boy he can dance around a question. Someone will ask him if he deserves to go to the Haag for crimes against humanity. By the time he’s done replying to the question your feeling like you did something wrong. He gives you a history lesson on presidential power and which president was better under stress or so called stress because we don’t know. If you type Torture Memo into Google there will be a whole list of sub-subjects all on the torture memo and John Yoo. There’s page after page of John Yoo and the torture memo and here I thought people were forgetting. Too bad the wrong people don’t remember, Mister and Misses America needs to be remembering all this and what the republicans did the first four years went they had a majority. Bush came into office with a $500 billion dollar surplus. The republicans used the nuclear action where they only needed 51 votes to pass the tax cuts. We went from plus $500 billion dollars to negative $500 billion dollars and Bush was going to have another tax cut and start two wars that he wasn’t going to pay for. Now Boehner says worry about the children and there future. How quick the republicans forget and they are the first one to start calling people names. All that money returned to people went to the top 1% and the 99% got a minor check of a couple hundred dollars. Then when it came to paying for the war, it was never in the budget, it was in a supplement so it wasn’t counted until now with the new administration and guess who is blaming the democrats for the deficit? Boehner and his republicans and those weak minded Tea Baggers. Now that’s a group of confused people. There’s a republican leader herding them around telling them what to think. It’s funny watching them make a statement because it will be totally wrong but no one will correct them. Bush was lead around the first four years then he took a look at the mess that everyone told him to do and he just said yes, after all they were daddy’s friends and have to be smarter them him.

The press was afraid of the administration, partly because of 9/11 and partly because they didn’t want to be called unpatriotic. Bush would have been a one term president if not for 9/11. Everyone was running around in fear and the republican used that to the max. They were happy to call someone unpatriotic, in fact they want out attacking people for the most minor thing. For instance, the warrantless wire taps. Anyone spoke out about that and you were called a terrorist.

Do you remember Regan the hero to the republicans. All the republicans try to out conservative each other wanting to be like Regan. Every one says cut taxes Regan did it. They don’t tell you he had to raise taxes because he cut too much and the country was going to run out of money. That whole conservative thing is just a ploy in that they say it but like everything out of a republicans mouth it’s lies. To think the middle class and below want to be just like them they are hurting themselves voting republican because everything the republicans do favors the rich. They’re for big business and that always say, I know what Americans want. How could that, they don’t hang around anyone that could write a check for a million dollars for the reelection fund. The one I like is the old guys saying he doesn’t want government running his social security and Medicare. Like the programs are run by some mystical entity. So I wonder how much people remember of the Bush years and if they would like to see them brought in front of the world court. I know I’d like to see John Yoo in front of the court. I wonder how big my files if from the phone taps. How much mail was opened and looked at. And here we are today republicans calling the democrats every name in the book. They are defending the insurance companies from and changes, same with banking and securities. I’d like to see all the administration test out water boarding and have it on TV, Americas Funniest Videos, that should be real entertaining to watch. See if Chaney would need a jumpstart.

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