Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lies, Lies, Lies,

And so it starts. More slander all the time.  The mean spirit of politics and false advertising. There is no truth in advertising in the political messages. “You did this.” “I swear he did it wrong and not my way.” Yes the egos are out telling everyone how great they are or just telling how bad the other person it. “Your not right enough.” “Your not a conservative right wing religious radical enough.” “You don’t say how your religious  myths have influenced your life.” Did you ever notice that republicans can’t tell you what they had did but what the other person did only. Seems one party has dignity not to be slandering the other person in their race. Some people are educated and are good humans while others tell you how it should be and don’t practice what they preach. You know anyone running for one office is only a cog in the works and they can’t do to much, not as much as they claim they will do when they are elected. This “I’m going to cut taxes” chant is getting old, who is going to pay for the roads, the schools, the military? If this person is getting elected to a post that is part of a group how are they going to make everyone else see it your way. I have to say the republicans sure ran out of things to say. They will cut down who every they are running against even if it’s in there own party. For being the theocracy party they sure don’t practice anything from there myths that they go to there churches for. What, Love Everyone? No, your the party of hate and block change because that’s what a conservative is, some old coot stuck in his ways. I know why they are afraid of change, they want to stay rich and keep the poor people poor because they pay all the taxes for the rich. They aren’t excepting of other people, that is other races. I’d like to see truth in everything on TV and radio ads so that people can’t make up crap so the stupid people will believe it all. One party is out right mean in there ads and don’t care who they hurt. You have to look at it the people with the most negative ads isn’t the one to vote for.

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