Saturday, March 20, 2010

No vote, No help

People have been seeing what they can get out of this health bill. So much pork going out and no ones complaining about that. What they need to do is say, if you don’t vote for my bill then next time your state has a disaster then don’t come crying to me for help. I hate Boehner saying that the country doesn’t want it, no he doesn’t want it for many reasons. Obama a black democrat wins one for the people. Republicans are mad they lost the election after Bush. There’s only about 20 percent republicans in the nation so how could they know the country doesn’t want the bill. More people want it then don’t want it. Ever since Obama was elected he republicans have been spreading lies about Obama. This health bill is going to help so many people and would have helped even more but some sticks in the mud got the public option out of the bill because they wanted to protect the insurance companies and didn’t want to loose all those dollars they get from the insurance companies. They don’t call it bribes but election funds. Pay to play isn’t democracy, that’s what happens in third world country with dictators. Then there’s Stupak that stupid guy from Michigan that must have ate paint chips when he was young. He’s an right to life nut case but believes in taking over the country and turning it into a theocracy. I thought when you take any job in the government you need to say if your in any group that wants to over throw the government. He part of that group called “The Family” and they have been working on this since the thirties. I think they are traitors and need to be arrested. You can tell who these people are because they will pull stunts like this to disrupt bills. The republicans are being lead around too. Then there is the empty headed people from Texas that rewrite history. They don’t believe in science but they do believe in myths. Thing is having people believe in myths you can control them. That’s what this whole Christian movement is all about. Simpletons are being told what to do and what to say and how to vote and the funniest thing about it all they can’t see that they are being controlled. They think they are doing God’s work but they are following “The Family” and what they want to do and the republicans are using all those airheads. It’s amazing when they are told something and it’s clearly wrong they will continue to believe it because other republicans believe it and there’s nothing you can say or do to change their minds. Every things is a conspiracy from the left like global warming. The oil and chemical industry told them what to think and they are sticking with it. Then there church also told them that God told them they can destroy the world any way they want. When you ask if they went to college there isn’t many that have most of them had a hard time getting through high school. It really amazes me how dim they are. They put down science but turn to it to save there lives. They do to doctors and can’t tell you the difference between a science doctor or a medical doctor. I thought they are both the same.

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