Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Creek is Flowing!

For several years my creek has been dry in winter. We have had more rain this year a lot of snow in December and this weekend a hard rain. Last weekends rain pounded the roof and kept me up along with the wind whistling around bending to to what looked was the breaking point. Saturday it was a more mild rain fall. Sunday was sunny and the creek had some water but it wasn’t flowing a that time.

Friday and at night was a intense rain. The wind started at fist on Friday about noon with real high gusts. The pines were swaying and looked like they were going to snap off. It went like that all day then the rain started. TV reception was real bad especially with the new digital signal. I went to bed early since there wasn’t anything on to watch. I was expecting the power to go out but was lucky this storm. With the intense rain it was enough runoff to cause the creek to run for a while. By late Saturday it slowed to where it was standing water. Sunday there was some spots with water but not running. There’s a couple areas if there’s water there it will be moving water and that was gone. Was nice to se in such a long time. The snow on top of the mountains has a good snow pack so there’s going to be a lot of runoff through the year for drinking water.

It’s been nice on the sunny days to get outside and walk around and getting to check the damage from the past storm. There’s so many fallen trees from the snow storm. The weight of the snow just snapped branches off and cause whole trees to fall over. Every sunny day I here chainsaws going.

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