Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evening time, time to rest.... almost

Been a long day. Looking back I can't remember anything outstanding I did today except walking around part of the yard, maybe 3 or 4 acres. Haven't found one deer antler. Lots of trees to cut up. Don't need to have to cut up the neighbors branches they throw over the fence. They do that all the time. Funny thing, the pine branches I don't have that type of trees here. I have native trees.

The deer came by twice today. The first time it was for water mainly and they took off before I could talk to them. They really had it going on the pecking order today. They don't usually play those games here, they know I don't like it. Then the turkeys and deer came back at the same time when I wanted to come in and rest. Wasn't that bad being out with the turkeys walking around me. There's a couple that see me and start walking away. One of the skunks was out early so I cut up a plate of meat real quick. Cooking them dinner now.

Was a nice warm day. When the male deer were here they were panting. They laid down and rested a while before they took off and met up with the females. The males are starting to heal after loosing their antlers. My males are looking rather old. Just a couple of them, I saw that in their faces today. They are about 9 years old. They are starting to get the herd back to what it was when Buddy was here. I still miss my friend Buddy. Mr Friend does a good job taking over the herd and he is friendly like Buddy was. He's Buddy's son and he's like his father and his father before that. I like looking into the faces of the deer and seeing the different personalities they have. The way they look at me. How they react to me being here. Many of them will stand about 30 or so feet away while others will come within 20 feet and some closer. The babies are getting so bit. I've seen two youngsters with little pencil like antlers. They were still with the mothers and the group. The group is several families that work together to help each other out in a way. More eyes makes it safer along with more ears.

Garden is doing good.Checked out the sprinklers that run around the place and into the garden area. Only had to plug a few holes. Need to set the timer for when they come on. Onions and garlic are coming up. My trees are doing good that I've started from seed. Even the potted ones are doing well. One pine in a pot isn't doing well. Must be because of too much sun light.

TV time. Flash Forward is on. Taping Bones and Fringe for later.

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