Sunday, March 14, 2010

What kind of weather is it?

Floods follow Northeast wind, rain storm

500,000 customers lose power; N.J. town declares state of emergency

There has been some foul weather back East, in the Midwest and just about everywhere. It’s funny people keep asking why is the weather changing. If you bring up global warming they will sweat that’s some sort of conspiracy by scientist to get more funding. So says Michael Crichton in one of his mystery book but Oklahoma’s senator Inhofe takes it as fact. This is the man they quotes the bible for other facts too. There is a big oil and chemical industry in Oklahoma also. Inhofe says it’s going to cost the country jobs if we do something about global warming. That it’s going to cost the country income if they work on global warming. I don’t understand how you can say global warming a myth made up by the scientist but if it’s a myth then why would it cost jobs and money to take care of the global warming problem. If it’s a myth then it shouldn’t cost anything, it’s a myth right? Unless there is something to that global warming then it might be a good idea to listen to the scientist rather then a hillbilly from Oklahoma who take the bible literally. I wonder what other mythical books Inhofe believes in. It can’t say to much for the people of Oklahoma for electing a uneducated fool like that.

A few years ago I drove through Texas heading East when we stopped to eat. The girls working there said, “Texas is Oklahoma with better road.” You can see that in the things that the elected people from those states stand up for an say.

Then we can that the former senator from Texas that removed many safe guard in the money industry that caused this recession.

Myself if I didn’t know better I’d say that the republicans are out to destroy the country but no, they are just dim people from dim states. No one smart would elect those people or stand for stopping progress. I don’t see how you could cut taxes to get more revenue to run the country but if you look at the taxes they want to cut it only favors the extreme rich, I mean people with billions. No your only middle class these day if you have a million.

So who you going to believe, people that are out for themselves or people that want to do good for the people of the United States and the country so that it advances. The people that were out for the fast buck have a lot of money and repeating lies doesn’t make it true. Take some time and see through the lies. Any one that is promising you tax cuts and doesn’t have any control over making that happen should be a clue that the person has an agenda that doesn’t include you.

If you take a look at the facts and still say that science is wrong then you need to have someone explain things to you in detail before you vote. If you still don’t understand then don’t vote, go back to sitting on the couch and watch Fox news.

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