Monday, June 28, 2010

Defenders of Evil and the Republican Way

Big Economic bill goes through but not after the republican whore for Wall Street and Banking industry. People, are you watching this, and you call yourself a republican too. How do you defend these action? Screw the little people, and your one too because your not rich, not even close. You wouldn’t be running around in that old car or truck if you have a couple billion in the bank sitting around. And to think, these feeble minded people buy into the republican lies. No they aren’t going to take all your guns so you don’t have to vote republican for that. Morals, republicans have no morals, take the pennies off your grand mothers eyes. What makes a poor person vote republican? Can’t be because they are in the same church group, republican will play the prayer card like Bush did, but he didn’t care about the radical religious right, they’re all nuts you know. Following the book of tricks and myths as if it was a documentary by Michael Moore or Ken Burns two of those so called liberals. Liberals, the way Fox Entertainment would be talking about liberals they were evil people, ones that believe in fairness, freedom of speech, the constitution. I don’t know how the radical right talks about the constitution when they can’t read. They do know they can have arms, the ones they put guns in. There’s the republicans that live for lies and to repeat them like stories of old getting better all the time until it’s a whopper with no truth in it what so ever. Chaney, where were those WMD again that you said were there. That’s right, some of the republican believe that WMD’s were found in Iraq next to the yellow brick road on the way to the Emerald City. It amazes me that the Iraq war was planned out since the first gulf war and no one picked up on it. Bush and his buddies were going for oil and no election in the United States was going to stop them. What’s Bush put up first thing in the Whitehouse, a map of Iraq. Then we had people like Charlie Wilson who helped make the Taliban so they could fight Russians while getting drunk in Los Vegas parties. Get the CIA over there and teach them how to fight, well they learned well and are picking our troops off just like you showed them. Texas, what a state. Big and empty just like the peoples minds that live there. It’s Oklahoma with good roads. Inhofe, now there’s a real tool. How that guy can talk and say those lies and believe them himself, you have to be so uneducated to come up with the crap Inhofe says. I don’t know how the republicans became so extreme because they weren’t always this way. Now it’s “I’m more conservative then you.” How about the airhead of Alaska. “I Got a ‘gina.” “I got a ‘gina and I know how to use it.” “Guy’s like my gina.” “Todd likes the gina.” I don’t know how people can become so twisted and not have anything left inside that’s theirs to say, “I believe in this and it’s never left me.” Now it’s which to the highest bribes. What really gets me is the so called elected official that doesn’t even try to hide that he’s a criminal, on the take for the highest dollar. There are a few people though that I’ve watched that actually are doing good and want to do good for the people of the United States. I think it’s better to be the comedian than the joke.

So, republicans that are out of work now and just lost your unemployment insurance because the people you voted in denied extending it, shot yourself in the foot that time. And those darn liberal fighting all the way to extend unemployment insurance for you, wasn’t that nice about them, fighting for your twisted little tweaker minds, so you can have your church going ways and have someone else tell you how to live. Morals, that’s the red states for you the ones with the highest divorce rates. That means they didn’t mean it when they said they were making a vow to God when you got married. So, there’s cheating going on behind the backs of all the moral people. Fornicators! I thought you needed to be married to do things like that but I guess not. And you want me to live like you do, with your morals. Now that’s a joke. Keep lying to yourself after all you’re the one we are laughing at.

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