Friday, July 09, 2010

COPS Get Away With Murder Again

No matter where the shooting is, the cops always come up with some sort of far fetched idea to justify the reason for shooting a person. Whether it was the guy stepping out the door in New York without any weapon was shot some 50 times by four officers. The guys out for night of drinking before his wedding, a bachelor party light get shot by under cover cops. The police are never wrong for some reason and if they are found in error, they get a paid vacation.

There’s a couple shootings up here that bothered me that the police were cleared for. A deputy comes out to a woman's son who wants to take his bike out rather then eating dinner. The kid bolts while the deputy is putting on handcuffs. Has to be a real wimpy cop to be afraid of getting a scratch from a handcuff that is if the kid would have used the handcuff and a weapon but he was running away and was shot.

I few weeks ago an woman for what ever reason take off in a ambulance. She doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift so it’s a slow speed chase a couple block where the police push her off the road and into a field, one big enough for a house. The truck was facing up hill with three police cars behind the truck blocking it’s escape. It was stuck in gear and couldn’t start. The police officer gets out of his car runs up for a good shot and shoots the woman several times killing her. When the police chief was questioned he gave that stock answer, “Well I don’t know if the officers life felt in danger?” This was a low speed chase with a truck in first gear that lasted a couple blocks. Well, the cop needed to kill something that day I guess. Maybe he was having a bad day or year the way finances are going. You always here about all the over time cops get, works out so they look like they are working several jobs So they can be living way outside there means.I don’t understand why cops want to kill people dead when they could have taken the person in alive. Even if they have to wound the person they could take them in alive but that’s not their training. They are worried about getting sued and dead people can’t sue. Dead people can’t testify either. It’s not like they shot the person once but it’s a hail of bullets by one or more officers.

What ever you do, never call the cops up and say your not coming out because they will force you out even if you just want to watch TV and called them to say, “I’m not coming out because the world sucks.” The police will show up with a small army of troops dressed up like the best cops of any TV show and force you out even if it kills you.

So, you get off a BART train car and want to stand on the platform. A half dozen cops with force you to leave. Of course the cops come up with all sorts of paranoid reasons why a person can’t do what ever. I heard that just before the new Indian Casino was put in. That was before the city and county paid over 2.5 million dollars fighting the casino saying al the drug activity and prostitutes that would be brought to the county. Still haven’t seen any of that. Don’t think crime went up and if it did, there a “Great Recession,” going on.

So you have six officers wanting for a person to leave the platform who decide to bring him to the ground stepping on all sorts of body parts in the process. Then shot him in the back killing him. They got their wish, he’s off the platform. If it wasn’t for the media bringing up that he might have grabbed his real gun verses the stun gun, two completely different types of feels and weights. Ones made of plastic and ones made of steel. Remember there’s five cops holding this guy down when one cop pulled his gun and shot him. Even if he pulled out the stun gun al those cops would need to get away from contact with the person on the ground that was about to be tazzed.  There would be a good chance that the cops would also get tazzed because they were holding on to the victim. So where’s the thought behind that? To say you could tell the difference between them holding them is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Then the idea that these cops weren’t trained very well and aren’t real cops, they are only transit cops. They carry the same tools as the real cops and tried doing the same things as the real cops. Beating up on one person when you out number him 6 to 1, that’s a far cop fight. For the most part cops are chickens that hide behind the badge. They grew up being bullied and became cops so now they can bully others without them fighting back. Why else would a cop pick a fight he would loose if he could only pick a fight where he hides behind the badge. Cops get their reviews but it’s dorks of the same color asking the questions. What needs to be done every year is a mental evaluation not by cops or cop doctors but independent doctors. It would have to be before a bunch of doctors so they could pull any fast ones because you know they do that. Cop cheat, “you beatcha.” They also need to be tested randomly for drug use. You can’t be working them long hours day after day without some sort of help. Help you just took away from some person you arrested. I’ve been to parties many years ago where there were police out of uniform doing cocaine. They said, “We are just like normal people.” I’ve also met former cops in a program that serves coffee every night and no one knows your name. Talking about how they used to like to go out and beat up different races for fun. The way they talked about everyone was doing it and it was a daily occurrence. Give them lie detector tests a few times a year to find out if they are breaking the law. There are always those that want to get away with something to be better then the other guy. To get one over and not get caught. Cops are always doing side jobs for someone. Making deals, anything to get ahead.

Sad part is when they get taken for a ride and then take it out on everyone else. There was a guy in the county that shot his father while under the influence of meth. Totally out there in his psychosis from doing so much and lack of sleep. So when the police showed up he was ready for the cops and started shooting them. He was dug in and had the high ground. The cops showed up in force like they always do for a job that would take one person to do. I never understood that, guess that’s where they take advantage of the cities and counties by showing up, saying they re on a call and it runs into over time. No one ever questions them because they are cops, totally honest cops never cheating with their time cards or showing up duplicating services because they are cops and that’s the way they do it. Maybe they should be paid on a salary, so much a month and see how much time they put in. See how much the city or county would save.

So, the BART cop gets off with only a minor offence. He’s going to have to live with himself and his neighbors. Wonder if he would have a hard time finding a place to live. The neighbors would be questioning him, “Oh you that killer airhead cop that got away with murder.”

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