Monday, August 23, 2010

Babies! Little wonders of energy

Was putting cat food on the porch because I could hear the skunks tapping their feet to protect the food. That’s when I saw the little baby skunks. I don’t know if this one female is the mother or if she adopted them. They sure do hang out with her for the most part but it’s not like how I’ve seen past mothers. Last night one of the little ones snuck in behind me. I saw the little thing moving off to my left but never thought the baby would go in the house. Most of the time they stop at the door but not this explorer. It came in went under the desk and followed the cables from the computers going along the wall. One thing I’ve found out is you can’t push a skunk along. I don’t know where this skunk came from and if one of my females had babies. My skunks are nice and healthy and don’t have rabbis.

_IGP0410  _IGP0407

Tiny baby behind the the desk. Too many wires to reach in and grab the baby. There’s little burs stuck in the it’s fur. The baby spent about an hour checking out the place. I remember one time a few years back when a baby came inside and laid down under the table and went to sleep. Back then I would leave the door open as I ran in and out of the house but I got tired of the bugs coming in. Today I try to keep the door closed as much as I can but there’s always a sneaky one that gets in. Then there’s the tiny bugs that fly right through the screen door. Those are the most annoying ones I found to deal with.

_IGP0415  _IGP0411  _IGP0412  _IGP0414 Mom has some missing fur, that’s because she was getting burs stuck in her fur. As she cleaned she would pull so hard it would pull the hair out. I’ve got them in my hair and pulled out a bit of hair getting them out. Every night she would come running up here and every night there was burs in her fur. I’ve cut the weeds down and ran over everything with the lawn mower grinding up everything into little bits.

Going to be nice training new babies. So far the babies have come up to me and come up when I’m calling them. I lost one skunk last week due to a pit-bull attack. There was too much damage to save the Little Buddy. She had a broken back and a large hole in her back end. I tried cleaning everything out of the open wound but the opening was just to big to repair. It removed an organ and that could be put back together. She looked so happy as we went to the vets, I had to take a picture of her for memories.


In memory of my Little Buddy.


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